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In a glaring example of what can go wrong on any given day in the body art business, this seller of body jewelry in Palmdale, Ca. had the unpleasant experience of seeing a car smash it’s way through the front of their store on Saturday April 28th.

Although this store is not exactly known for customer satisfaction, what happened here is a bit over the line.  Thankfully, no one was injured, including the large parrot that is always present inside the store.  When it comes to purchasing body jewelry or body art supplies, make sure the company you are dealing with puts your satisfaction first like this seller of body piercing supplies and kits that we found online.  It also helps if the supplier you choose does not allow animals near the products they offer.  Hopefully, after this incident, these people learned something from this and will treat their customers with respect and appreciation.

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01 30th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

Since our launch in May 2010, the Body Piercing News has been enjoyed by many thousands of body art enthusiasts.  As some of you may have noted recently, our site was down for 32 hours due to ‘excessive bandwith usage’.  Basically, what this means as that our popularity has exceeded our bandwith alotment, and therefore, we are facing higher costs to accomodate our valued readers, such as yourself.  In response to this, we have added a “Paypal’ Donation button in the left column of the site, just under the category listings.  So if we have made you laugh, learn or think a bit while meandering our articles, hopefully you might show your appreciation by donating to our cause from time to time.  It’s not required, but it would be immensely appreciated and help us continue bringing  you the most interesting, thought-provoking and strange oddities from the body art world.  Also, please visit our sponsor links, as these also help us to continue with our mission to inform and entertain you at all times.

And of course, we will always answer any and all comments, questions or concerns you have regarding body piercing supplies, kits, body art techniques and all other inquries we receive regarding the wonderful world of body piercing and body art.  Thanks again for making The Body Piercing News such a popular place on the web.  We truly hope you will hear our call for support and take the opportunity to show us your appreciation, no matter the size of the gift.  Thanks again for your time, your interest and your support.

Cool or Fool? Lip Tattoos

12 9th, 2011 Author: Pokee

New Symbol For Raider Pride?

Hello sports-fans and fanaticals, it’s Pokee, and I’m back to bring you this little shard of curiosity.  Now as a card-carrying member of the heterosexual male race, and a sporting fan to boot, I try to keep an open-mind about things I see going on around me.  I mean if a guy like Dennis Rodman wants to put on a little make up for a night out, or wear a dress around the house while he smokes a cigar watching re-runs of Friends, that’s his monkey-business, and he’s entitled to a little strangeness after being arguably one of the most ferocious defensive players to ever play in the NBA.

But when it comes to a guy who claims to be a member of Raider Nation showing off a Hello Kitty tattoo on the inside of his mouth, I have to draw the line.  Are you kidding me? Not only is this a bad place to get a tattoo (was he trying to impress his dentist?), but doing this could be hazardous to this guy’s health – especially if he opens his mouth at a home game.  If you don’t already know, Raider fans are the craziest and most violent fans anywhere, and they take their team very seriously and tend to frown on things that are feminine and unusual.  This guy’s chances of surviving his next Raider game are worse than if you or I decided to take a bath in gasoline and then set ourselves on fire as we slid down a 300 foot razor blade!  Seriously, have you SEEN the creatures at Raider games?  It’s so bad, they call it ‘The Black Hole’ and inside those stands it is common to find rabid pit bulls, animal carcasses, skeletons with swords, and swash-buckling two-headed Darth Vaders packing M16’s.  This is enough to make Al Davis turn in his grave!  This guy either has a death-wish, or was talked into doing this by his girlfriend.  Come on man, have some self-respect.  Now that you’ve done this what’s next – getting a body piercing kit and letting her use it to turn Mr. Tadpole into a mini hoop-steel christmas tree?  My advice to you is the next time your lady comes up with some bright idea like this, grow a pair and say no.  Oh, and if I were you I would not go to any more Raider games, unless your idea of fun is becoming the first person to be killed during a live sporting event for utter stupidity.

You know the drill.  Cast your vote and be heard; Is this guy Cool or Fool?

That’s all I got for now,


Is This Pokee?

Are you too old to get pierced?

10 27th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

As more and more of the population embrace body piercings, the question of what, where and when to get pierced becomes a consideration.  If you are a baby-boomer who has been on the sidelines a bit regarding body art (tattoos and body piercings), you may be wondering if there is an age ‘limit’ on such things as tattoos and piercings.

Such a question is really subjective, and a matter of personal expression.  If you are looking to project a wild-side to your personality, a tattoo or body piercing might go well with that new Harley Davidson motorcycle you just purchased.  However, if you are still in the career world and are concerned with image, you might want to hold off on that septum piercing for now and settle for a nose piercing or monroe.  Or, you can elect to get some ‘intimate’ body piercings where no one will ever see them (except for your significant other).  Remember, whether you take the plunge and order that body piercing kit online (for home/self piercing) or go to your local body art shop, body piercings (unlike tattoos) are reversible, so if you change your mind you can just take the jewelry out (except for micro-dermal implants, which are not considered body piercings, since they do not have and entry and exit point).

Your Vote Counts: Cool or Fool?

07 3rd, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

In the never-ending race to impress other people, sometimes one can take a good idea too far.  This photo is of a self-professed former geek, who after a few dozen facial tattoos, piercings and stretchings, now believes to be a card-carrying member of Club Cool.  The problem with such excess (espeically tattoos on the neck and face) is that they tend to attract the attention of law-enforcement, and have the opposite effect on potential employers.  What do you think?  Is this guy Cool or Fool?

While most body piercings are reversible (except micro-dermals and hyper-stretching), tattoos are permanent.  Make sure you give very careful thought to anything you undertake and that you seek the services of a licensed and trained body artist who uses sterile body piercing supplies at all times.

Extreme Nipple Piercing: Cool or Fool?

04 1st, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

This photo depicts a pierced and stretched nipple with a mini-barrel in it.  What makes this an extreme body modification is that unlike lips, noses and other parts of the body that are commonly stretched, this has been done to a nipple, and a male nipple at that.  Most men that have had their nipples pierced know the pain involved can be excruciating, sometimes more painful than women’s nipples when they are pierced.  So the question begs to be asked; Why?

The answer lies within the individual himself, and is related to the larger question; why does anyone modify their body with body piercing kits or have strange symbols tattooed on their skin?  Of course, most people stretch their ears and get body piercings because they like the look and feel of them.  Some do it as a means of religious expression.  Others do it for sexual gratification, while others do it as a symbolic gesture of strength.  Whatever the reason, isn’t it nice to know we live in a country where we are free to do such things to ourselves 🙂

Cool or Fool: Tattooed Eyeball

03 31st, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Tattooed Eyeball

In the never-ending quest to not be out-done by their fellow man (or woman), people on the cutting-edge of body art are pushing the absolute limits on what they are willing to do.  This photo is of a person who actually decided to get an eyeball tattoo.  Not only are tattoos and piercings around the eyes extremely dangerous and prone to side-effects that can result in blindness, trying to ‘decorate’ an eye is just a bad, bad idea.

If tongue rings make dentists cringe at the thought of tooth enamel damage, imagine what this pic would make an optometrist do?  Even if you were lucky enough not to have any short-term complications with such a procedure, the long-term effects of such extreme modifications are not known.  The effects of injected ink (not to mention the pain involved) as well as the use of body piercing supplies or tattoo machinery around the eye is almost always going to be detrimental to you.  It’s better to stick with the more ‘conventional’ ways to express your love for piercing and tattoos and always go to a registered professional body art technician for all of your body piercing and tattoo needs.

Cool or Fool: Peek-A-Tongue?

03 10th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

In spite of seeing hundreds of strange body modification photos to our site by readers each week, we are still dumbfounded at times by a few.  These precious few that astound, stun, and alarm us are brought to you as our picks for ‘Cool or Fool’ submissions.  This guy (who’s eyes have been only slightly pixelated to protect his ‘innocence’?) makes special use of a chin piercing that has been stretched large enough to poke his tongue through.

Stretching your lower lip down to your chin will certainly make you stand out, but it can also cause problems when against the bone of the chin, as well as cause ‘leakage’ from saliva or food debris while chewing.  Relatively speaking, this is probably one of the more least severe body piercings or modifications we have brought to you.  Just remember, as always, seek a professional body piercer to perform your piercings when possible and make sure he or she is using the proper professional body piercing supplies for the job.

Cool or Fool: Leg Piercings?

03 2nd, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Extreme Surface Piercings

That’s right, what you are seeing in this photo is real and is an unofficial world record for the most leg piercings.  In a dizzying display of massive surface piercings, this man has had the majority of his leg surface pierced to the point that he actually bristles in tiny, circular steel rings, resembling a type of armor.

Despite being a great conversation starter at parties, and a walking endorsement for wearing cargo shorts year-round, this example of extreme body piercing is better left to those that are looking for world-record fame.  Mainly, having this many surface piercings positioned so close together can cause massive problems with migration and rejection caused by the constant movement of the legs, as well as contact with clothing (even if it is just being put on or taken off).  Think any type of body modification through before you do it, and always have a professional piercer do your body piercings for you whenever possible.  Once again, we at the leave the verdict to you, our loyal readers: Cool or Fool?

Cool or Fool: Human CD Player?

02 6th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Cool Or Fool?

In yet another example of extreme body modification brought to you by us here at The Body Piercing News, we offer this photo for your consideration.  While lip-stretching has been around for centuries in Africa amongst native tribesman, this guy has given new meaning to the term ‘music-lover’ by trading in the usual black lip disc for a more modern choice; a compact disc.

The problem is that compact discs (at least on this side of the world) are going the way of records, and will ultimately be replaced completely by digitized music.  Thus, the day is quickly coming where compact discs will no longer be necessary and indeed be no longer useful for anything – except for acting as a type of make-shift  body jewelry.  Is this guy on to something?  What do you think; Cool or Fool?