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The Hitcher Piercing

07 19th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

Hitcher Piercing

In the never-ending competition to invent (or discover) new and unusual ways to pierce one’s body, we have noted a body piercing that is gaining notice, called the “Hitcher” (short for Hitch-Hicker).  “The first time I did one was when a customer came in for a tattoo and mentioned he had hitch-hiked his way to our shop”, reports Robin Ryan of Lancaster, California.  “We were running a special that included a free piercing with a tattoo and he said he wanted something that would be different”.

Robin not only performs the procedure at her busy shop in Southern California, but has a hitcher piercing of her own.  “It just made sense for him to have a piercing where it might be seen while hitch-hiking”.   This piercing may or may not lead to more success in getting rides from strangers, but we do know that (as with all surface piercings or all other body piercings) you should make sure proper sterilized body piercing supplies and tools are used and that you seek an experienced piercer to perform them.

How Well Do You Know Your Piercer?

06 23rd, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

With the many multitudes of shops that offer tattooing and piercing services these days, body piercing has almost become routine, and with that, you might assume you are in good hands.   As with many other growing industries, body piercing has seen a tremendous demand increase over the past five years.  This has caused many beauty shops, boutiques and other businesses to ‘add’ body piercing services, some of which are not qualified or properly trained to do so.

The best places to find qualified piercers is at shops that offer body art services like tattoos or body piercings specifically, not shops that offer massage, manicures, or other non-related services.  If you are unsure of the qualifications of your body piercer or tattoo artists, ask to see their health department permit BEFORE you agree to have them do any work on you.  It also helps to ask to see the sterile body jewelry in the sterile pouches as well as the tools that should be pouched in sterile color-changing pouches (like those that are available at leading online sellers that offer quality body piercing supplies).  If the body artist is legit they will not have any problem showing you their credentials and sterile equipment.

Wrist Piercing Video

04 16th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

This video illustrates the technique used to piercing a wrist.  The wrist piercing is a type of surface piercing and has high chance of rejection and migration due to it’s proximity to the hands.  Although the name ‘wrist piercing ‘ implies it would be located on the wrist, this surface piercing is actually located about a third of the way up the exterior surface of the  forearm between the wrist and the elbow indentation.

Some enthusiasts may wish to purchase a body piercing kit and do this piercing at home themselves.  However, due to the importance of positioning and the sensitivity of the tissue involved, it is strongly recommended that the devotee seek the services of an experienced body piercer instead.  Please note, this video is not for the squeamish.  Happy piercing!

For some, the only obstacle keeping them from getting a body piercing is the pain they imagine that comes with the process.  True, there is always a certain amount of pain felt in almost all body piercings, there are ways that one can ‘minimize’ or reduce it.

One way NOT to do this is drinking alcohol beforehand – alcohol thins the blood and can cause bleed-outs or feinting.  Some people have found that taking Tylenol (acetaminophine) before a body piercing can reduce the pain felt.  (Note: do NOT take Aspirin, as this (like alcohol) will thin the blood and you will be exposing your client to greater risk of injury or bleeding.)

When it comes to numbing sprays or gels, we cannot endorse fully the use of these producdts as their effectiveness seems to differ from individual to individual.  Lastly, the use of sharp piercing needles reduces the pain felt during a piercing.  You can find ultra-sharp needles, supplies and body piercing kits and this fine online seller of body piercing kits and supplies.

How Much Should You Pay for a Body Piercing?

04 8th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

Depending on many factors, the cost of getting a professional body piercing varies.  In some parts of the nation, a single body piercing can go as high as $80.00, and not even include the jewelry.  In major cities (where there are many shops competing against each other) the cost can go as low as $20.00.

Whether you decide to have your body piercing done professionally, or you decide to do it yourself at home with a sterile body piercing kit – make sure you are using safe, and sterile needles, tools and body jewelry.  If you aren’t sure if the body jewelry being used for your piercing is not sterilized, ask.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry 🙂

In this tough economy, the competition for the available jobs is fierce.  No longer is it enough to have the requisite education or experience for the position – now employers are asking for credit histories and combing the social networking sites to get a gauge on prospects.

Although tattoos and body piercings have been accepted by mainstream society, in some cases, they can prevent you from being hired into certain types of work.  The food industry, for example has many regulations regarding facial jewelry and many employers will either demand removal of body jewelry or just pass over applicants that have facial tats or piercings.  Facial tattoos impose a different type of scrutiny from piercings as many conservative managers and business owners may assume you have a criminal background or affiliation.  The benefit of body piercings is that they they can always be removed and will usually heal back up.  Even so, if you are currently out in the job market it may be a good idea to put off getting that facial tattoo or buying that body piercing kit until after you have talked it over with a new boss.  Of course, you could always get that tattoo or piercing in a place where it doesn’t show 🙂

Is There a Season For Body Piercing?

02 20th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

Many industries have certain times of the year that are busy or slow for them.  For the body art industry, it is safe to say that the spring and summer months are the best times to get and show off new piercings and tattoos.

Although spring and summer are prime times for new body art, many body piercings are performed in the fall and winter months, many times in dorm rooms where students are kept indoors due to inclement weather.  Whatever time of the year, it’s always a great time to get a body piercing or tattoo – whether you buy a sterile body piercing kit online and do it yourself or go to your local shop to get it done.  Just make sure you are using sterile body jewelry and proper technique when piercing and if you are a piercer, make sure you buy your body piercing supplies and body piercing kits from a reputable supplier.

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01 30th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

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Are There Too Many Tattoo Shops?

01 14th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

Depending on where you live, it seems that everywhere you look there is a tattoo shop.  Once considered a ‘fad’ in the 60’s and 70’s, tattooing has established itself firmly in the mainstream of societies around the world and is definitely here to stay.

Thanks to the increased awareness brought by recent TV reality shows like ‘L.A. Ink’ and ‘New York Ink’, it seems that everybody wants to get into the business of owning a shop of their own.  The problem is that it takes more than artistic talent to operate a complex business like a tattoo shop and many artists come up short on the necessary requisites.  In Los Angeles county, for example, there seems to be a constant flux of shops going in and going out, and the trend does not seem to be slowing down.

So how (as a customer) are you supposed to know the difference between a quality tattoo shop and a ‘fly-by-night’ operation that may not be there in a week?  For one, you can ask how long the shop has been there.  Secondly, ask to see the shop’s health department permit (if they are legitimate they will have it prominently displayed and not mind if you copy down the permit number for verification).  Third, make sure they are using only sterile body piercing supplies and tattoo supplies with color-changing indicators and proper dates stamped clearly on the packaging.  If the shop you are in has any problems with your questioning, simply leave and find one that is legit.

Where To Buy The Best Body Piercing Supplies

12 6th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Body art and quality body piercing supplies are not something easily found in retail stores – it’s not like you can just go to a Walmart for hollow piercing needles.  Although many of the piercing tools and equipment used in body art are borrowed from the medical field, some items are quite specific in their origination and use.

If you have done a search for body piercing supplies you know there are many sources that come up.  The question is: Who can you trust?  The answer, we found is that it is best to purchase your supplies from companies that are dedicated solely to body piercing supplies and who have established themselves within the industry for their quality and value.  We found a leading supplier of body piercing supplies that offers true free shipping and no order minimums.  If you have any other questions or comments feel free to write us at the