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How To Choose a Body Art Supplier

01 22nd, 2014 Author: justhurtabit

Choosing the right supplier for body piercing kits and supplies can make the difference between a happy and successful piercing and a disaster, ending in infection.  Many novices new to body piercing are confused by the deceptive advertising done by auction sites like Ebay and who actually pay to push their wares onto unsuspecting consumers through search engines like Google and Bing.

The Body Piercing News has been scouring the world for reliable sources of professional grade and sterile (safe) body piercing kits and supplies and have never seen a respected and legit body piercing kit offered on ebay or that we would recommend using.  Remember, the vast majority of sellers on ebay are amateur people selling stuff from their garages and kitchens and who know nothing about body art or the standards that must be in place to guarantee the safety of you and your loved ones.  We have found the most reliable supplier of body piercing kits and supplies (click link) who is a leading company in the field and is the only company that actually guarantees sterility and posts their spore test results publicly.  For more information regarding body piercing techniques, supplies and trends check out the rest of the articles we post here and stay tuned 🙂

How Much Do Body Piercers Make?

12 2nd, 2013 Author: justhurtabit

getting_pierced In this age of tough economic times and jobs that may require college degrees to make a decent wage, there is one that stands out and can be learned without paying thousands to a college that can make you in excess of $100 an hour; body piercing.  Many body piercers are finding increasing demand for their services, many times able to work part-time while enjoying full-time incomes.

You will need to learn the basics of body piercing first, either by apprenticing yourself to a piercer or through repetitious practice until you are competent.  Then you will need a starter body piercing kit with the proper tools and supplies to pierce with.  We found only one company that offers professional quality starter body piercing kits along with free shipping anywhere in the USA.  For more information and pricing, click on this link for starter body piercing kits.  Happy piercing!

Where To Buy A Quality Body Piercing Kit

07 25th, 2013 Author: justhurtabit

If you are planning on doing some home piercing and need a body piercing kit you need to be aware that although many kits look similar and are priced closely, there are vast differences between them.  First, make sure you purchase your body piercing kit from a respected seller who is a real company that specializes in body art supplies, not somebody selling stuff out of their garage on ebay or amazon.

We have found only one company where you can purchase a quality body piercing kit that includes sterile body jewelry (most kits do not include sterile jewelry) and true free shipping anywhere in the USA without an order minimum.  For more information click this link for your next body piercing kit.

How Many Body Piercings Should You Get At Once?

07 15th, 2013 Author: justhurtabit

It is said by a wise few that all things should be taken in moderation.  In the case of how many body piercings a person should have done at one time, moderation is also best.  While you may feel the urge to try to get a tongue, lip and navel piercing out of the way and get them done in one session, it is truly best (and safer) to wait and do them in separate sessions.

One of the reasons this is the best approach is because no matter how seasoned a piercing devotee you may be, your body goes into a slight form of shock each time you are pierced.  Assuming your body piercer is using sterile body piercing supplies and is properly licensed to do the procedure, by getting pierced you are exposing your body to a procedure that involves puncturing the skin (at least), and usually involves rupturing tiny blood vessels beneath the skin as well.  The loss of blood during any single piercing maybe be minimal, but combined with other piercings done within minutes of each other, can add up.  Also, the regenerative energy necessary for healing is compounded when you have more than one active site on the skin that requires healing.  Your piercer should recommend that  you spread your piercings out over time.  If he/she doesn’t suggest it you should take the initiative and show self-restraint and wait.  You and  your body will be glad you did! 🙂

In the past couple years there has been an explosion of people offering body piercing supplies online.  While at first glance body piercing kits may all appear similar, however, there are VAST differences between them that could not only make or break your piercing experience, but cost you a trip to the emergency room if you buy from the wrong source!

The truth is that almost all body art kits and supplies sold on ebay and amazon are sold by amateurs, or non-piercers trying to make a buck off people that are more green than they are to piercing.  These kits are assembled in kitchens or garages (or other unsanitary places) and thrown into a bag for sale, without any assurances or guarantees of sterility offered.  There are only a few reputable companies that offer body piercing kits and of those, we found only one company that was superior in quality, price and offered free shipping without a large order minimum – offering pre-sterilized body jewelry included in basic piercing kits from as low as only $8.00 shipped.  For more information on this company, click on this link for body piercing kits.   Happy piercing!

How To Know If Your Tattoo Shop Is Really Legit

06 27th, 2013 Author: justhurtabit

You may or may not be aware of this but the body art industry is going through a sweeping change.  Long gone are the days where an artist went from working out of his house to opening a small shop with some flash on the walls and a few chairs.  The hard truth is, if you have a tattoo shop open for business anywhere, the health department inspectors are coming – and if you aren’t doing it right you will either be fined heavily or shut down completely.

In states all over the country laws are changing to protect consumers against dangerous practices that have for years been allowed to go unchecked.  In California, for instance, since the passage of AB-300 (2012) shops have been shut down all over the state for not being in compliance.  Many times, shops are fined for not properly sterilizing body jewelry or for not having sterile body piercing supplies.  If you are curious as to if the shop you are in is permitted by the county health department, ask to see the shop’s permit.  It should be prominently displayed on the wall for anyone to see.  If the shop you are in does not have one on the wall, and will not produce one upon request, run (don’t walk) out of there and find a safe, and legal shop to entrust your body art to.

New Health Department Rules: Are you in compliance?

05 17th, 2013 Author: justhurtabit

Across the nation counties and states are tightening regulations designed for a safer body art experience for customers.  From Oregon, California and Nevada to other states eastward, shops are seeing new regulations and procedural changes that can be complicated at times.  The aim of these new regulations is to standardize an industry that for decades has resisted standardization.  The end result, it is hoped, will be a safer experience for customers whether they are getting a body piercing or a new tattoo.

If you own or work in a shop that has been hit with new changes and tightened regulations, you are not alone.  Thousands of shops in California have been impacted by the implementation of AB-300 (a bill passed by the state legislature last year) that calls for increased oversight and regulation of body art establishments.  One of the mandates calls for the use of safe metals and alloy materials for body piercing, like the body piercing supplies offered here.  If you are in doubt if your shop is in compliance, speak to the shop owner for clarification.  Remember, as a body artist it is ultimately your responsibility to be in compliance at all times.  You may also contact your county health department for clarification.

Getting a body piercing these days is becoming routine.  With the popularity of piercing soaring, there are many places offering piercing services.  But there can be and usually are vast differences in the quality and prices of various shops that offer piercings.

In states like California and New York, where body art is heavily regulated, you should always go to a shop that is permitted with the county health department and who uses only sterile body jewelry and piercing supplies.  Ask to see the permit of the body artist or shop before you get pierced.  Also, you should receive printed after care procedures after the piercing to insure you are informed of what is needed to heal quickly and without complications.  If you are not sure if the shop you are considering is permitted and legit, go somewhere else that is.

Who Can You Trust for Piercing Kits?

03 13th, 2013 Author: justhurtabit

Trust is a very sacred thing when it comes to body art.  If you don’t trust your body piercer or tattoo artist you probably would find someone else to do your body art.  Likewise, the sterility of a body piercing kit or tools used for body piercing are only as good as the company that supplies them.

Whether you are a professional body piercer or are a self-taught piercer who pierces friends and family members at home, you need to make sure that where you are buying your supplies or piercing kit from is a reputable and fully licensed company.  Remember, it doesn’t matter how careful you are (with gloves and proper skin preparation procedures) – if what you are using to pierce, and the body jewelry you are inserting isn’t sterile, you are risking an infection or worse.   For safe piercing tips or questions contact us anytime.  Safe piercing 🙂

Bring Your Own Jewelry: A Good Deal or Dangerous?

02 19th, 2013 Author: justhurtabit

With increased competition in the body art industry comes cost-cutting moves and ways to try to appeal to a customer’s sense of value.  While some shops run specials or lower their prices, other shops resort to more dangerous ways to cut corners.

In a disturbing trend, many shops are offering to charge less for a body piercing if the customer brings their own body jewelry.  While this may sound (at first) to be a good offer, it is at best increasing the chance of infection and at worst, illegal.  Using a non-sterile piece of body jewelry in a fresh piercing is foolish and increases the chances of serious infection for the client.  If a shop offers you this kind of ‘deal’ you would be advised to run (not walk) away since not only is their ‘deal’ inviting an infection into your near future, but they are operating illegally and probably are not registered with the health department either.  To find guaranteed sterilized body jewelry and quality body piercing supplies click on the link.  And remember, if a deal sounds too good to be true it usually is!