Where Have All The Body Piercers Gone?

  If you have called or driven around trying to get a body piercing done you have discovered it is almost impossible.  If you can even find a shop that is open, chances are they are not doing body piercings anymore.  Why? The Body Piercing News contacted a master body piercer in Southern California and asked about the problem.
  “It is really about economics”, said Robin, a renown body piercer with over 30 years experience as a piercer and business owner. “When you are only allowed appointments only and at 25% capacity, it comes down to survival and catering to your highest paying customers – which is always tattoos. Unfortunately, that leaves body piercing customers out of luck.” Robin went on to say that in her state of California, shops were allowed to open for only 2 weeks back in June before being forced to shut down again. During that brief reopening period, facial piercings were forbidden by the state, which further worked against the body piercers since half of all piercing procedures are facial piercings.  “And even though it’s all over the news every day I still get about 40 calls a day from customers.”
  “It’s just very frustrating that all the other businesses here are being allowed to reopen except us. But because I come from the medical field I get it. There is simply not an acceptably safe way to body pierce without considerable risk to both the body art technician and the customer… and tattoos are even worse because they require much longer periods of time to complete and involve thousands and thousands of punctures as opposed to one or two punctures for a piercing.”  When asked what happened to all the body piercers out of work in this current climate Robin was quick to answer.  “Like many of the displaced tattoo artists the piercers have been driven underground and are trying to figure out a way to continue safely.  The question is do customers want to go to someone’s house to get a body piercing and risk exposure in a non-professional environment?  And who wants customers coming to their house?  It just doesn’t work no matter how you do it and I don’t see it getting better for a long time.”
  But there is a way to safely get most body piercings in spite of the current situation.  The Body Piercing News has found there is only one company offering 100% Safe and Sterile Body Piercing Kits for home use that include everything needed for you to pierce yourself safely, for much less than the cost of going to a shop. The company is Hottiebodyjewelry.com and has been in business since 2009 offering body piercing kits that provide not only sterile needles, tools and skin prep materials, but autoclave sterilized and pouched body jewelry for home use – the exact sterilized body jewelry the company has provided thousands of professional body piercers and shops for over a decade! Hottiebodyjewelry.com even provides links to how-to videos if you are a novice with each kit purchased and rewards points and discounts for future purchases. If are going to do a body piercing, do not trust kits sold on ebay, amazon, bodyj4you or etsy as no other source offers sterile kits that are safe except Hottie Body Jewelry. Click on this link now to get your safe and sterile body piercing kit today!


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