As more and more of the population embrace body piercings, the question of what, where and when to get pierced becomes a consideration.  If you are a baby-boomer who has been on the sidelines a bit regarding body art (tattoos and body piercings), you may be wondering if there is an age ‘limit’ on such things as tattoos and piercings.

Such a question is really subjective, and a matter of personal expression.  If you are looking to project a wild-side to your personality, a tattoo or body piercing might go well with that new Harley Davidson motorcycle you just purchased.  However, if you are still in the career world and are concerned with image, you might want to hold off on that septum piercing for now and settle for a nose piercing or monroe.  Or, you can elect to get some ‘intimate’ body piercings where no one will ever see them (except for your significant other).  Remember, whether you take the plunge and order that body piercing kit online (for home/self piercing) or go to your local body art shop, body piercings (unlike tattoos) are reversible, so if you change your mind you can just take the jewelry out (except for micro-dermal implants, which are not considered body piercings, since they do not have and entry and exit point).


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