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New Health Department Rules: Are you in compliance?

05 17th, 2013 Author: justhurtabit

Across the nation counties and states are tightening regulations designed for a safer body art experience for customers.  From Oregon, California and Nevada to other states eastward, shops are seeing new regulations and procedural changes that can be complicated at times.  The aim of these new regulations is to standardize an industry that for decades has resisted standardization.  The end result, it is hoped, will be a safer experience for customers whether they are getting a body piercing or a new tattoo.

If you own or work in a shop that has been hit with new changes and tightened regulations, you are not alone.  Thousands of shops in California have been impacted by the implementation of AB-300 (a bill passed by the state legislature last year) that calls for increased oversight and regulation of body art establishments.  One of the mandates calls for the use of safe metals and alloy materials for body piercing, like the body piercing supplies offered here.  If you are in doubt if your shop is in compliance, speak to the shop owner for clarification.  Remember, as a body artist it is ultimately your responsibility to be in compliance at all times.  You may also contact your county health department for clarification.

What’s Your Tattoo Parlor’s Shop Minimum?

05 13th, 2013 Author: justhurtabit

A very misunderstood fact about tattoo shops is what is called the ‘shop minimum’.   While most tattoo shops will not admit to having a ‘shop minimum’, almost all of them do.  What a shop minimum represents is the least amount of money they charge for their body art services.

This is not an  hourly amount (which may be higher) but in plain terms, it’s the least amount of money you will have to show them for them to bother with you.  If this sounds bad, it is, and represents one of the only types of businesses that work this way left.  We found one shop in Southern California that does not charge a shop minimum, nor does it charge by the hour – the price you are quoted is all you will ever pay – and best of all, if you aren’t completely satisfied, they will make it right at no extra charge.  To check this shop out, click on this link here.

World’s First Body Piercing School Now Open!

02 23rd, 2013 Author: justhurtabit

If you have been waiting for a legitamate real (walk-in) body piercing school to open, your wait is over.  The world’s first dedicated body piercing school has just opened in Los Angeles, California and is taking student for it’s March 2013 classes.  Founded by master body piercers, the initial course will provide the information and basic materials to successfully body pierce in a shop environment.

For more information on course dates and course requirements click on this link to the body piercing school page.

Bring Your Own Jewelry: A Good Deal or Dangerous?

02 19th, 2013 Author: justhurtabit

With increased competition in the body art industry comes cost-cutting moves and ways to try to appeal to a customer’s sense of value.  While some shops run specials or lower their prices, other shops resort to more dangerous ways to cut corners.

In a disturbing trend, many shops are offering to charge less for a body piercing if the customer brings their own body jewelry.  While this may sound (at first) to be a good offer, it is at best increasing the chance of infection and at worst, illegal.  Using a non-sterile piece of body jewelry in a fresh piercing is foolish and increases the chances of serious infection for the client.  If a shop offers you this kind of ‘deal’ you would be advised to run (not walk) away since not only is their ‘deal’ inviting an infection into your near future, but they are operating illegally and probably are not registered with the health department either.  To find guaranteed sterilized body jewelry and quality body piercing supplies click on the link.  And remember, if a deal sounds too good to be true it usually is!

Custom Body Piercing Kits Built to Suit

02 1st, 2013 Author: justhurtabit

Although there are many places you can buy body piercing kits from, there is only ONE company we found that offers you the ability to custom-build your own kit to suit your piercing needs.

Not only is this company the only place that offers online custom body piercing kits but they are also the only company we’ve found that offers true free shipping (without any hitches or order minimums) in the USA!  For more information on how to save big money on body piercing kits and supplies, click the link provided.

What The New Body Art Industry Laws Mean To You

10 24th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

In almost every state there are sweeping changes being made to the body art industry, changes that are necessary and in the interest of safety.  In California, a new law took effect July 1st of 2012 called AB-300.  This law covers the new stricter requirements for tattoo shops that is an attempt to insure sterility and a safe, clean environment for body art techs and customers alike.

Whether you are in California or other states, chances are you have seen recent  changes being made by health departments and state governments to tighten up an industry that has in the past been left to much of it’s own devices.  When it comes to truly sterile body jewelry most health departments are in universal agreement that it is better to use pre-sterilized body jewelry and one-time use disposable tools and needles.  If you are looking for a supplier of body piercing supplies that offers the finest sterile body jewelry and everything needed to be in compliance, check this link for sterile body jewelry for top quality supplies shipped free (anywhere in the USA).  Take care and be safe!


09 21st, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

Starter body piercing kits are offered by many sellers, but if you really pay attention to what included (and what is not included) you will find there are vast differences between kits.  Some companies that do not specialize in body art supplies offer piercing kits that are at best, converted Chinese ear piercing kits, or at worst, not piercing kits at all.  As a professional body artist your reputation and the safety and satisfaction of your customers depends upon the proper tools, materials and sterility of everything you use.  You must pay careful attention to everything that is included in the kit, as well as to the reputation and sterilization policies of the company offering the kit.

Another major consideration is the overall value of what you are buying.  Ask yourself the question: How many piercings will this kit allow me to do?  By dividing the cost of the kit by how many piercings you can do with it gives you a COST PER PIERCING value that will tell you the true gauge used for determining how good a deal it really is.  Out of the dozens of companies that offer such items, we found one company that consistently offered the lowest cost per piercing on it’s starter body piercing kits.  This company’s cost per piercing value was many times UNDER A DOLLAR A PIERCING on it’s larger starter/apprentice body piercing kits.  Also, they offer the option of including all pre-sterilized body jewelry in their larger starter body piercing kits, which alleviates the worries and labor involved in sterilizing the jewelry beforehand.

The Hitcher Piercing

07 19th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

Hitcher Piercing

In the never-ending competition to invent (or discover) new and unusual ways to pierce one’s body, we have noted a body piercing that is gaining notice, called the “Hitcher” (short for Hitch-Hicker).  “The first time I did one was when a customer came in for a tattoo and mentioned he had hitch-hiked his way to our shop”, reports Robin Ryan of Lancaster, California.  “We were running a special that included a free piercing with a tattoo and he said he wanted something that would be different”.

Robin not only performs the procedure at her busy shop in Southern California, but has a hitcher piercing of her own.  “It just made sense for him to have a piercing where it might be seen while hitch-hiking”.   This piercing may or may not lead to more success in getting rides from strangers, but we do know that (as with all surface piercings or all other body piercings) you should make sure proper sterilized body piercing supplies and tools are used and that you seek an experienced piercer to perform them.

Where To Find Real Discount Tattoo Supplies

07 16th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit


Hand-Made Color Packer Tattoo Machine

When it comes to tattoo supplies there are hundreds of sites claiming they are the best, the lowest, etc . etc.  But how do you separate the men from the boys when it comes to finding who is the best?

We have researched hundreds of body art sites, including sites that offer body art (body piercing) supplies, tattoo supplies and tattoo equipment and found a brand new tattoo supply site that offers the highest-quality tested tattoo equipment at liquidation prices.  They don’t have the largest selection but what they do offer is durable and at rock-bottom prices, without an order minimum like other sites require.  To check out the site, click this link here .  Remember, at the we welcome your tips, hints and feedback always!

How Well Do You Know Your Piercer?

06 23rd, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

With the many multitudes of shops that offer tattooing and piercing services these days, body piercing has almost become routine, and with that, you might assume you are in good hands.   As with many other growing industries, body piercing has seen a tremendous demand increase over the past five years.  This has caused many beauty shops, boutiques and other businesses to ‘add’ body piercing services, some of which are not qualified or properly trained to do so.

The best places to find qualified piercers is at shops that offer body art services like tattoos or body piercings specifically, not shops that offer massage, manicures, or other non-related services.  If you are unsure of the qualifications of your body piercer or tattoo artists, ask to see their health department permit BEFORE you agree to have them do any work on you.  It also helps to ask to see the sterile body jewelry in the sterile pouches as well as the tools that should be pouched in sterile color-changing pouches (like those that are available at leading online sellers that offer quality body piercing supplies).  If the body artist is legit they will not have any problem showing you their credentials and sterile equipment.