If you are planning on doing some home piercing and are confused as to what piercing kit to buy, worry no more!  While there are many laymen selling kits out there on amazon, walmart, etsy and ebay, there is only one site that offers 100% safe and sterile kits: hottiebodyjewelry.com.  Most kits feature the same sterile needles and skin prep but where the difference is is the body jewelry.  Is it loose or in a sterile pouch?  If the photos show the jewelry ‘loose’ and unpouched, you are risking your life using it in a fresh piercing.  Only HottieBodyJewelry.com has professional-grade piercing kits that feature pre-sterilized and pouched body jewelry to safely use.  They’ve been #1 worldwide since 2009 and now you can purchase a kit from them by simply visiting their site.

Remember, there is only one company where you can purchase a quality body piercing kit that includes sterile body jewelry in the USA that is 100% safe to use.  For more information click this link for your next body piercing kit.


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