Tattooed Eyeball

In the never-ending quest to not be out-done by their fellow man (or woman), people on the cutting-edge of body art are pushing the absolute limits on what they are willing to do.  This photo is of a person who actually decided to get an eyeball tattoo.  Not only are tattoos and piercings around the eyes extremely dangerous and prone to side-effects that can result in blindness, trying to ‘decorate’ an eye is just a bad, bad idea.

If tongue rings make dentists cringe at the thought of tooth enamel damage, imagine what this pic would make an optometrist do?  Even if you were lucky enough not to have any short-term complications with such a procedure, the long-term effects of such extreme modifications are not known.  The effects of injected ink (not to mention the pain involved) as well as the use of body piercing supplies or tattoo machinery around the eye is almost always going to be detrimental to you.  It’s better to stick with the more ‘conventional’ ways to express your love for piercing and tattoos and always go to a registered professional body art technician for all of your body piercing and tattoo needs.


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