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01 30th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

Since our launch in May 2010, the Body Piercing News has been enjoyed by many thousands of body art enthusiasts.  As some of you may have noted recently, our site was down for 32 hours due to ‘excessive bandwith usage’.  Basically, what this means as that our popularity has exceeded our bandwith alotment, and therefore, we are facing higher costs to accomodate our valued readers, such as yourself.  In response to this, we have added a “Paypal’ Donation button in the left column of the site, just under the category listings.  So if we have made you laugh, learn or think a bit while meandering our articles, hopefully you might show your appreciation by donating to our cause from time to time.  It’s not required, but it would be immensely appreciated and help us continue bringing  you the most interesting, thought-provoking and strange oddities from the body art world.  Also, please visit our sponsor links, as these also help us to continue with our mission to inform and entertain you at all times.

And of course, we will always answer any and all comments, questions or concerns you have regarding body piercing supplies, kits, body art techniques and all other inquries we receive regarding the wonderful world of body piercing and body art.  Thanks again for making The Body Piercing News such a popular place on the web.  We truly hope you will hear our call for support and take the opportunity to show us your appreciation, no matter the size of the gift.  Thanks again for your time, your interest and your support.

Tongue Splitting: The Pros and Cons

08 8th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

If you think a split tongue looks great and are seriously considering doing it, you need to be aware of a few important things.  As you may already know tongue-splitting can be done in a few different ways; by using a taught string (over time – which is the safest procedure), by cutting (absolutely NOT recommended), or by a combination of  these methods.  The truth is that although if successful, tongue-splitting can be an interesting effect, it is extremely dangerous and not recommended.  Not only are the chances high that you could have a bleed out, nerve damage (paralysis), and/or encounter other infections or complications, it is not usually reversible, and if it can be reversed requires surgery.

Unlike the task of self-piercing (with a sterile body piercing kit), tongue-splitting is much, much more risky.  The photo shown is a case in point of some of the hazards of tongue splitting (known as tongue bifurcation) and is a very common result of this type of self-procedure.  We here at the Body Piercing News take the unanimous stand that this procedure is NOT recommended, under any circumstance, and should not be attempted by anyone.

Your Vote Counts: Cool or Fool?

07 3rd, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

In the never-ending race to impress other people, sometimes one can take a good idea too far.  This photo is of a self-professed former geek, who after a few dozen facial tattoos, piercings and stretchings, now believes to be a card-carrying member of Club Cool.  The problem with such excess (espeically tattoos on the neck and face) is that they tend to attract the attention of law-enforcement, and have the opposite effect on potential employers.  What do you think?  Is this guy Cool or Fool?

While most body piercings are reversible (except micro-dermals and hyper-stretching), tattoos are permanent.  Make sure you give very careful thought to anything you undertake and that you seek the services of a licensed and trained body artist who uses sterile body piercing supplies at all times.

What Is Organic Body Jewelry?

04 22nd, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Organic Ear Plugs

The term ‘organic’ refers to a substance or material that once lived and has been fashioned into body jewelry.  Such materials such as different types of wood and various animal bones can be found transformed into beautiful ear tunnels and plugs.

Many people prefer the properties of organic materials because they can be considerably lighter in weight than stone or metals.  However, keep in mind that organic body jewelry is porous, and more prone to retaining moisture and other oils found in our skin.  Although they can be a bit more maintenance, the inherent beauty of finely crafted organic plugs and ear tunnels makes them worth it.

Extreme Nipple Piercing: Cool or Fool?

04 1st, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

This photo depicts a pierced and stretched nipple with a mini-barrel in it.  What makes this an extreme body modification is that unlike lips, noses and other parts of the body that are commonly stretched, this has been done to a nipple, and a male nipple at that.  Most men that have had their nipples pierced know the pain involved can be excruciating, sometimes more painful than women’s nipples when they are pierced.  So the question begs to be asked; Why?

The answer lies within the individual himself, and is related to the larger question; why does anyone modify their body with body piercing kits or have strange symbols tattooed on their skin?  Of course, most people stretch their ears and get body piercings because they like the look and feel of them.  Some do it as a means of religious expression.  Others do it for sexual gratification, while others do it as a symbolic gesture of strength.  Whatever the reason, isn’t it nice to know we live in a country where we are free to do such things to ourselves 🙂

Cool or Fool: Peek-A-Tongue?

03 10th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

In spite of seeing hundreds of strange body modification photos to our site by readers each week, we are still dumbfounded at times by a few.  These precious few that astound, stun, and alarm us are brought to you as our picks for ‘Cool or Fool’ submissions.  This guy (who’s eyes have been only slightly pixelated to protect his ‘innocence’?) makes special use of a chin piercing that has been stretched large enough to poke his tongue through.

Stretching your lower lip down to your chin will certainly make you stand out, but it can also cause problems when against the bone of the chin, as well as cause ‘leakage’ from saliva or food debris while chewing.  Relatively speaking, this is probably one of the more least severe body piercings or modifications we have brought to you.  Just remember, as always, seek a professional body piercer to perform your piercings when possible and make sure he or she is using the proper professional body piercing supplies for the job.

Cool or Fool: Human CD Player?

02 6th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Cool Or Fool?

In yet another example of extreme body modification brought to you by us here at The Body Piercing News, we offer this photo for your consideration.  While lip-stretching has been around for centuries in Africa amongst native tribesman, this guy has given new meaning to the term ‘music-lover’ by trading in the usual black lip disc for a more modern choice; a compact disc.

The problem is that compact discs (at least on this side of the world) are going the way of records, and will ultimately be replaced completely by digitized music.  Thus, the day is quickly coming where compact discs will no longer be necessary and indeed be no longer useful for anything – except for acting as a type of make-shift  body jewelry.  Is this guy on to something?  What do you think; Cool or Fool?

In The Mood For Extreme Body Jewelry?

02 2nd, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

If you are looking to make a statement with the body jewelry you wear you might want to consider facial ‘talons’.  Talons (sometimes referred to as ‘claws’) are actually labrets with long, curved shafts that follow the contour of the chin.  There are numerous styles of these extreme labrets available, ranging from tribal patterns, to surgical-looking and of course, plain smooth steel.

Chin talons can be worn either as single pieces at the center-point of the upper chin, or as pairs.  Whatever the style or configuration you choose, just make sure you choose a style that goes with your personality.  Also, make sure when you are wearing any kind of extreme body jewelry that you are careful not to injure yourself or others when kissing or embracing.

Stone Cold Ear Plugs

01 18th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

If you are looking for a change of pace when it comes to ear-wear, plugs and tunnels made of stone or other materials can provide style along with a timeless sense of fashion.  There are many shapes, sizes and materials to choose from that afford those of you that stretch your ears the luxury of choosing between hundreds of style and design combinations.  Complimenting the new designs launched this year, ear plugs and tunnels are now made of bone, glass, pyrex, steel and plastic, as well as stone, organic and synthetic materials.

If you are looking for stylish stone ear plugs or tunnels, take a look at tree agate.  This is a stone material that features a unique pattern and distinctive coloring that will make you stand out from the crowd.  Tree agate plugs offer great durability as well as style.  You can find these and other stone ear plugs and tunnels offered from quality sellers of body jewelry.

What Do You Think: Cool or Fool?

01 16th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

This photo appears a bit unbelievable at first glance.  However, at the we try not to judge those of you out there that have ‘different’ ideas on body modification.  Just because it’s a bit out of the ordinary, or extreme, doesn’t mean it isn’t a serious example of self-expression, right?

It may take a few moments to suddenly become clear what kind of extreme stretching this guy did, but what is immediately apparent is that this is something that should probably be avoided, unless you have already had all the children you want to have in your life.  If you do decide to fashion your own scrotum this way, make sure you have consulted a professionally licensed body piercer and a doctor first.  If you still decide to go forward with this, make sure you have a professional body piercer start you out who uses sterile body piercing supplies and has experience with these types of piercings.  Finally, always have someone near you who is willing to ‘lend a hand’ at a moments notice for those great photo opp’s.  What do you think: Cool or Fool?