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Body Mods: Can You Take It Too Far?

01 24th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Body modification is one of the greatest ways to express yourself ever invented.  The incredible amount of styles of body jewelry available these days offers us almost unlimited possibilities.  Some of those possibilities in both tattooing and body piercing/stretching are illustrated with this photo of a woman often referred to as ‘kitty’ or the cat-lady.  This woman’s startling face does indeed resemble a cat, thanks to implants in her cheeks, lips, and forehead areas.  Also notice the use of multiple body piercings around her upper lip and lower cheeks areas to give the illusion of metal ‘whiskers’.  Tattooed in striped shades of black, blue and red, her feline facial creation is topped off with prosthetic teeth and contact lenses.

While this woman may be the sure winner of any Halloween costume contest, looking this way can have severe drawbacks the rest of the year.  For one, it must be difficult to hold a job in any kind of ‘straight’ industry where companies have strict dress codes.  Socially, someone like this who has gone so far out with their body piercing and body modifications must find a partner who will accept them and the choice they’ve made.  It is said that somewhere out in the world, everyone has someone that is right for them.  But what if this woman’s special someone is allergic to cats?  With that said, is she Cool or Fool?

What Do You Think: Cool or Fool?

01 16th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

This photo appears a bit unbelievable at first glance.  However, at the we try not to judge those of you out there that have ‘different’ ideas on body modification.  Just because it’s a bit out of the ordinary, or extreme, doesn’t mean it isn’t a serious example of self-expression, right?

It may take a few moments to suddenly become clear what kind of extreme stretching this guy did, but what is immediately apparent is that this is something that should probably be avoided, unless you have already had all the children you want to have in your life.  If you do decide to fashion your own scrotum this way, make sure you have consulted a professionally licensed body piercer and a doctor first.  If you still decide to go forward with this, make sure you have a professional body piercer start you out who uses sterile body piercing supplies and has experience with these types of piercings.  Finally, always have someone near you who is willing to ‘lend a hand’ at a moments notice for those great photo opp’s.  What do you think: Cool or Fool?

Cool or Fool: Proof Cyborgs Exist?

01 14th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

When it comes to extreme body modifications, we at the are always on the lookout for cutting-edge trends to report to you.  Here’s an example of what we would call going all-out with piercings, stretchings and implants – with the end result simply incredible.  In a tour de force of surface piercings,  bifurcated tongue, dermal implants, and other combinations of standard piercings and stretching, this woman undoubtedly gets her share of shocked stares.

Although this cyborg-like effect is awe-inspiring, it can hinder one’s ability to do certain routine tasks.  If you are careful to plan your body art so that it is removable, you can ‘transform’ yourself from mundane to magnificent, and back again in time for work.  It’s wonderful to live in such a time when anyone can get a body piercing just about anywhere on their bodies safely and without persecution by society.   Just make sure you have a professional body piercer perform your body modifications and always follow the aftercare advice you are given to the letter.

Cool or Fool: Man of Stone?

01 9th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Stone Man

In our never-ending quest to inform, entertain, and whenever possible, enlighten, we constantly stumble upon individuals that defy description.  It’s not that we’re judging (we let you do that), it’s just sometimes there are things that defy words.  This photo is a case in point; a man that seems to be trying to imitate a stone.

It may be from many years of tattooing his skin with dark inks, or it may be body paint, but the finished result indeed appears to be a man made of stone.  Of course, he has body piercings, some of which are stretching his ear lobes considerably, as well as pierced nipples, yet for once, these features seem incidental to the overall effect of this man’s creation.  In case you are thinking about following this man in his stone-steps, make certain that you are prepared to shock those around you into silence.  You can also forget about ‘fitting in anywhere (unless you are trying to ‘fit into’ a mountain).  Lastly, if you pierce and stretch you skin, make sure your piercer is using sterile body piercing supplies and that you have carefully thought it through before taking the plunge into a life of solidity.

Cool or Fool: Man with Four Nipples?

12 24th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Man with Four Nipples?

At first glance, this man appears to have four large, green nipples.  On closer inspection, they are adornments suspended strategically from surface piercings on his chest.  Is this a form of religious expression, or is it a gender-bending cry for attention?

To be a member of most Western churches, one only has to dress appropriately and give an offering each Sunday.  In other countries, showing your faith can be more sacrificial in nature, where individuals endure extreme fasting, body piercing (or modifications), and other extreme physical acts of sacrifice.  The matter boils down to this; do physical sacrifices lead to spiritual bliss, or are they just symbolic in nature?  I guess to find out the answer, we would have to put ourselves in these people’s shoes, ah, I mean ‘skins’, to find out.

As a card-carrying member of the heterosexual male race (that means straight-shooter to any of you that bailed from school early), I can tell you that chicks that have body piercings are hot.  Now I might be a bit biased since I also body pierce for a living, but even if I wasn’t getting paid to poke I’d be keeping three eyes on those ladies at all times, if you know what I mean…

It’s not just that the right piercing accentuates a woman’s body beautifully, but it also symbolizes something to us stimuli-seeking dudes out there; impulsiveness.  You see, in my experience (and I’ve sown more than my share of ‘seeds’), chicks that pierce are more spontaneous, adventurous and just plain more naughty than the ones that don’t.  And if you’re a guy, all those things add up to one conclusion: more fun!  Even if the only piercing a chick has (ears don’t count unless they’re stretched) is a nostril piercing, that’s enough to tingle the love antennae of any real man within 100 miles.  Of course if you don’t want to attract real men (who consider seeing if you can cross your ankles behind your head as foreplay) then don’t get pierced.  Hey it’s your life, right?  If you choose to waste your pretty little time with one of those limp-noodles that fall over themselves doing whatever you tell them to (personally, I’d rather slide down the edge of an 80 foot razor blade naked), then don’t get a body piercing.  But if you’re hot, naughty and want a real man who will take charge at the right times (wink, wink) then you need to get your pretty little butt to your body piercer and start piercing like pronto, baby.  (Damn, I just popped a tent writing about this!)

That’s all I got for now ,


Is This Pokee?

(P.S.  Oh, before I forget, here’s that eyeball tattoo pic I promised you from my last post.  Happy viewing!!!!!)

Cool or Fool?

11 13th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Either this guy is trying out to be the new spokesman for Craftsman power tools, or he is making it clear (in no uncertain) terms that he has been ‘screwed’.  Obviously, what began as an innocent body piercing became an opportunity to engage in some extreme stretching of the tongue (at least 5/8 inch).

Although tricks like this may make you the ‘life’ of the party in Thailand, the practicality of stretching a tongue to this size is questionable.  Not only is it impossible to find barbells (or traditional tongue jewelry) in this size, but a hole this large presents other problems to the proper functioning of your mouth.  Some things  in life are best left alone – just because you ‘can’ do it doesn’t always mean you ‘should’…

What body piercings are still taboo?

11 12th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Extreme body modifications

Today, body art and body modifications are more accepted by society than ever before.  In fact, it has now become more common to have a body piercing than not (for people under the age of 30).  The most common areas of the body that are being pierced are; ears, lips, noses and navels, and most of the time, you will find that those of us that have piercings tend to have more than one.

Despite being generally accepted in society, there are still some types of body piercings that are frowned upon, or misunderstood.  Actually, it is not just a matter of what or where a body piercing has been done, but the degree in which these piercings have been stretched and adorned.  It is one thing to have a septum piercing, but another thing altogether (in other people’s minds) to have your septum stretched out to 00g.  Likewise, nostril piercings are considered ‘normal’ unless you are wearing 1 inch tunnels in them.  There’s an old saying that applies in body art as well as in life; it says that all is fine when done in ‘moderation’.  As a general rule, if you don’t take something too far, (or in the case of body art, don’t stretch out or wear something too ‘extreme’), you won’t be looked at as a freak – unless, of course, that is the point of it all. 🙂

Can your gardener do this?

09 24th, 2010 Author: Jewels4AllOfMe

This photo is further proof the recession is world-wide.  It appears this gardener named Haji (he prefers the term ‘landscape engineer’) finds it necessary to do more than just cut and edge his customers’ lawns.  After the last leaf has been blown and his mini truck has been loaded up, this poor slob sticks a dirty pair of garden shears through his face.  What probably started out as a cheek piercing looks to be stretched out to at least a couple inches by the blade of these shears.

While doing this type of extreme stretching may guarantee your customers keep calling you back for more, it is not recommended and highly risky behavior.  Just because you can get your own body piercing kit and pierce yourself doesn’t mean you should get carried away with trying to impress the locals with stunts like this.  Not only do you risk cutting your tongue and gums, but these displays may encourage youngsters to imitate you – plus, they attract flies!  What do you think:  Cool or Fool?

Cool or Fool: Extreme Septum Stretching

09 17th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Sport fanatics come from all walks of life.  Extreme baseball fans have been known to carry their gloves with them everywhere, while football fans and other sport fanatics have shown allegiance to their teams by vowing to only wear team colors or jerseys.  Although it is common for people to put tattoos and logos onto their body to show their support for various causes, it is rare to find the perfect mixture of body modification and sport devotion as shown here.

While being the backyard Horseshoe champion of Dubuque, Iowa may be cool in Iowa, this type of body modification is definitely considered extreme and not for everyone.  Just because you can buy a body piercing kit online and pierce your septum for under 20 bucks, doesn’t mean you should stretch it out to this extreme (at least 00 gauge in thickness).  Besides running the risk of an elongated septum (from the weight of such body jewelry pulling downward on the piercing), such an extreme body modification may lead to blind people mistaking your face as a towel rack, or awakening from sleep to the sound of a radio station playing music you don’t like – from your face!  (Not to mention the possibility of knocking yourself out when you sneeze…)  But in the interest of objective journalism, we reserve our judgment and defer to you, our devoted readers to answer the perpetual question; Cool or Fool?