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Where Should You Buy Your Body Jewelry?

06 6th, 2013 Author: justhurtabit

Today there are many places offering body jewelry; swap meets, liquor stores, smoke shops, etc.  It seems like everybody is trying to jump on the band wagon and make a buck off what is now viewed as a permanent fashion statement instead of a fleeting fad.

The problem is that most sellers of body jewelry do not understand the differences in quality or craftsmanship necessary for a piece to withstand daily wear.  That’s why it’s always a good idea to buy directly from sellers that specialize in body jewelry and body art products, such as the one found here body jewelry that offers the industry’s best replacement guarantee and free shipping with no minimum order anywhere in the USA.  Remember, the difference between a quality piece of body jewelry may be a few dollars but isn’t it worth it to avoid skin irritation or breakage problems later?  Think about it.  We welcome your comments and suggestions!

New Health Department Rules: Are you in compliance?

05 17th, 2013 Author: justhurtabit

Across the nation counties and states are tightening regulations designed for a safer body art experience for customers.  From Oregon, California and Nevada to other states eastward, shops are seeing new regulations and procedural changes that can be complicated at times.  The aim of these new regulations is to standardize an industry that for decades has resisted standardization.  The end result, it is hoped, will be a safer experience for customers whether they are getting a body piercing or a new tattoo.

If you own or work in a shop that has been hit with new changes and tightened regulations, you are not alone.  Thousands of shops in California have been impacted by the implementation of AB-300 (a bill passed by the state legislature last year) that calls for increased oversight and regulation of body art establishments.  One of the mandates calls for the use of safe metals and alloy materials for body piercing, like the body piercing supplies offered here.  If you are in doubt if your shop is in compliance, speak to the shop owner for clarification.  Remember, as a body artist it is ultimately your responsibility to be in compliance at all times.  You may also contact your county health department for clarification.

What The New Body Art Industry Laws Mean To You

10 24th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

In almost every state there are sweeping changes being made to the body art industry, changes that are necessary and in the interest of safety.  In California, a new law took effect July 1st of 2012 called AB-300.  This law covers the new stricter requirements for tattoo shops that is an attempt to insure sterility and a safe, clean environment for body art techs and customers alike.

Whether you are in California or other states, chances are you have seen recent  changes being made by health departments and state governments to tighten up an industry that has in the past been left to much of it’s own devices.  When it comes to truly sterile body jewelry most health departments are in universal agreement that it is better to use pre-sterilized body jewelry and one-time use disposable tools and needles.  If you are looking for a supplier of body piercing supplies that offers the finest sterile body jewelry and everything needed to be in compliance, check this link for sterile body jewelry for top quality supplies shipped free (anywhere in the USA).  Take care and be safe!

In a glaring example of what can go wrong on any given day in the body art business, this seller of body jewelry in Palmdale, Ca. had the unpleasant experience of seeing a car smash it’s way through the front of their store on Saturday April 28th.

Although this store is not exactly known for customer satisfaction, what happened here is a bit over the line.  Thankfully, no one was injured, including the large parrot that is always present inside the store.  When it comes to purchasing body jewelry or body art supplies, make sure the company you are dealing with puts your satisfaction first like this seller of body piercing supplies and kits that we found online.  It also helps if the supplier you choose does not allow animals near the products they offer.  Hopefully, after this incident, these people learned something from this and will treat their customers with respect and appreciation.

Is Your Health Department Cracking Down?

03 16th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

Across America, health departments all over are cracking down on renegade tattoo parlors and piercers for not adhering to county and state hygiene standards.  If your shop has been recently visited (or cited) by your local health department for violating codes, you are not alone.

One of the recommendations being made by many county health departments is to use sterile, one-time (disposable) forceps, pre-sterilized body jewelry and needles.  Rather than the time and cost of purchasing an autoclave (not to mention the time and work needed to pouch and cycle items) you can purchase online guaranteed sterile body piercing supplies and body jewelry from respected online suppliers and avoid fines, scrutiny or worse.   Be safe, sure and NEVER take chances with your client’s safety and well-being!

In this tough economy, the competition for the available jobs is fierce.  No longer is it enough to have the requisite education or experience for the position – now employers are asking for credit histories and combing the social networking sites to get a gauge on prospects.

Although tattoos and body piercings have been accepted by mainstream society, in some cases, they can prevent you from being hired into certain types of work.  The food industry, for example has many regulations regarding facial jewelry and many employers will either demand removal of body jewelry or just pass over applicants that have facial tats or piercings.  Facial tattoos impose a different type of scrutiny from piercings as many conservative managers and business owners may assume you have a criminal background or affiliation.  The benefit of body piercings is that they they can always be removed and will usually heal back up.  Even so, if you are currently out in the job market it may be a good idea to put off getting that facial tattoo or buying that body piercing kit until after you have talked it over with a new boss.  Of course, you could always get that tattoo or piercing in a place where it doesn’t show 🙂

Is There a Season For Body Piercing?

02 20th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

Many industries have certain times of the year that are busy or slow for them.  For the body art industry, it is safe to say that the spring and summer months are the best times to get and show off new piercings and tattoos.

Although spring and summer are prime times for new body art, many body piercings are performed in the fall and winter months, many times in dorm rooms where students are kept indoors due to inclement weather.  Whatever time of the year, it’s always a great time to get a body piercing or tattoo – whether you buy a sterile body piercing kit online and do it yourself or go to your local shop to get it done.  Just make sure you are using sterile body jewelry and proper technique when piercing and if you are a piercer, make sure you buy your body piercing supplies and body piercing kits from a reputable supplier.

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01 30th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

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Are There Too Many Tattoo Shops?

01 14th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

Depending on where you live, it seems that everywhere you look there is a tattoo shop.  Once considered a ‘fad’ in the 60’s and 70’s, tattooing has established itself firmly in the mainstream of societies around the world and is definitely here to stay.

Thanks to the increased awareness brought by recent TV reality shows like ‘L.A. Ink’ and ‘New York Ink’, it seems that everybody wants to get into the business of owning a shop of their own.  The problem is that it takes more than artistic talent to operate a complex business like a tattoo shop and many artists come up short on the necessary requisites.  In Los Angeles county, for example, there seems to be a constant flux of shops going in and going out, and the trend does not seem to be slowing down.

So how (as a customer) are you supposed to know the difference between a quality tattoo shop and a ‘fly-by-night’ operation that may not be there in a week?  For one, you can ask how long the shop has been there.  Secondly, ask to see the shop’s health department permit (if they are legitimate they will have it prominently displayed and not mind if you copy down the permit number for verification).  Third, make sure they are using only sterile body piercing supplies and tattoo supplies with color-changing indicators and proper dates stamped clearly on the packaging.  If the shop you are in has any problems with your questioning, simply leave and find one that is legit.