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Saving Money on Body Piercing

11 23rd, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

In many areas of the country, there is a shortage of qualified body piercers.  As with all things, a short supply leads to increased prices.  At the Body Piercing News we have heard of people charging as much as 85 USD for piercings in some areas.

Because of this shortage, more and more people are turning to purchasing body piercing kits and doing the piercings themselves.  Although this is not recommended for many piercings (which are difficult to do by novices), there are many piercings that can be done with a good chance of success at home.  Just make sure the body piercing kit you purchase includes sterile body jewelry, proper skin preparation and how-to instructional videos.  This company offers the best quality sterile body piercing kits we have found along with streaming videos and aftercare guidelines, at the most affordable prices.

Holidays and Piercing: Do they go together?

11 18th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

The holidays are believed by some to be the worst time to get pierced or tatted.  The reasoning behind this is that having a pink (still healing) piercing or fresh tattoo visible at the holiday dinner table may be the catalyst for ‘prickly’ conversation from relatives.

Although that may be true in some respects (depending upon where you get the body art), it may actually be the best time (economically) to get work done since traditionally many shops are slow at this time of the year.  So if you are thinking about getting that new body piercing and the cat is already out of the bag (that you do such things), you may be able to get rock-bottom deals on getting it done right now.  So treat yourself to that tattoo or body piercing you want and just keep the conversation moving during those long holiday meals 🙂

Looking For A New Career?

11 11th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Professional Starter Body Piercing Kit

Many people are frustrated with being asked to do more for less at their current jobs, or worse, are finding it difficult to even find a job.  While some say the economy is getting better, many changes in the job market are here to stay.  Worker’s rights are being taken away, as well as expectations of benefits, raises and the feeling that working hard will lead to job security and retirement.

There are very few industries that have grown over the last few years.  One of them is the booming demand for body piercers.  As body piercing becomes more and more commonplace, the demand has reached a critical point for qualified professional body piercers.  With the proper training and a  starter body piercing kit you can easily earn over $100.00 per hour either working for yourself or out of a tattoo shop.  You just need to be good with customers and not be squeamish about blood (which is part of the territory).  If you can handle that you may have what it takes to be a great body piercer.  For a complete starter body piercing kit that includes streaming how-to videos and a booklet that show you how to get started and start piercing legally in the area near you, click on the link provided earlier in the sentence.  Good luck!

When is Free Shipping Truly Free?

11 7th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

True Free Shipping of Body Jewelry and Body Piercing Supplies

With the new emphasis by Google on total product costs for consumers, there has been a dramatic shift by online retailers to lower shipping costs.  However, as with most things, what seems to be ‘free’ is not always as it appears to be.

Most sellers of body piercing supplies will lead with ”free shipping” on their sites, but careful reading reveals that you must make a minimum order amount to qualify.  The ONLY site we have found that does NOT REQUIRE ORDER MINIMUMS and gives you truly free shipping on all their products (within the USA, of course) can be found by clicking on the following link: body piercing supplies.  It’s nice to know there is truth in advertising, at least with these guys 🙂

Do You Have To Get Pierced at a Tattoo Shop?

11 6th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Dedicated Professional Body Piercing Shop

Let’s face it, body piercing is a very personal experience.  Once you’ve worked up the courage to get it done, the next big challenge becomes who/where do you get the piercing from?  If you are not fortunate enough to live in an area where there are dedicated body piercers (that means they ONLY pierce and aren’t inside a tattoo shop), you will undoubtedly be dealing with a tattoo guy/girl.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not an issue of competence (in most cases) but personal preference.  The problem with tattoo shops (and tat artists) is that the shop is usually located in a bad part of town and employs ‘unique’ body artists that are usually difficult to deal with when they find out you aren’t spending 500 on a tattoo.  No matter where you go to get it done make sure the person doing your body piercing is qualified, licensed and registered with the local health department.  If these credentials are not clearly posted in plain sight (as required by law), leave immediately and find a place that does obey the law.  You may spend a few more dollars for a legitimate body piercing, but it beats getting an infection (or worse) by someone that is not qualified to work as a body piercer.

Why Pay for Body Piercing Videos?

11 5th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

There are many people trying to make a buck in this tight economy these days.  Some truly need the money, while others are actually exploiting the situation with a ‘help themselves’ attitude towards commerce.  A case in point is the proliferation of sites that want you to ‘pay’ to watch how-to videos on body piercing.

While many of these are ridiculously priced (asking upwards of $60.00 USD) per 10 minute video segment, others are more subtly priced (i.e. 6 to 10 dollars per video offered by the self-proclaimed expert goddess/angel of body piercing).  The truth is, you don’t need to pay anything to observe professional piercing, as we have found these FREE body piercing videos offered as a service from a leading supplier of body piercing supplies.

Are you too old to get pierced?

10 27th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

As more and more of the population embrace body piercings, the question of what, where and when to get pierced becomes a consideration.  If you are a baby-boomer who has been on the sidelines a bit regarding body art (tattoos and body piercings), you may be wondering if there is an age ‘limit’ on such things as tattoos and piercings.

Such a question is really subjective, and a matter of personal expression.  If you are looking to project a wild-side to your personality, a tattoo or body piercing might go well with that new Harley Davidson motorcycle you just purchased.  However, if you are still in the career world and are concerned with image, you might want to hold off on that septum piercing for now and settle for a nose piercing or monroe.  Or, you can elect to get some ‘intimate’ body piercings where no one will ever see them (except for your significant other).  Remember, whether you take the plunge and order that body piercing kit online (for home/self piercing) or go to your local body art shop, body piercings (unlike tattoos) are reversible, so if you change your mind you can just take the jewelry out (except for micro-dermal implants, which are not considered body piercings, since they do not have and entry and exit point).

How Big is the Demand For Body Piercers?

09 27th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Professional Body Piercing Shop

As body piercing continues to grow in popularity and practice, the demand for competent body art technicians has grown exponentially.  The popularity of body piercing has created such a demand for trained body piercers that in many areas of the country, the prices of getting pierced have skyrocketed.

Although many types of body piercing require sophisticated techniques and experience to perform safely and successfully, you can learn to perform basic body piercings within a short time with the proper guidance and a starter body piercing kit that can be purchased from respected sellers of body art supplies online for under $200.00.  If you are thinking about changing careers, or have had trouble finding a job in this economy, becoming a body piercer may prove to be an enjoyable and profitable new career.  We have found the best way to do this is through an apprenticeship with a master body piercer.  You will also need to purchase a starter body piercing kit (click on link) such as this one, from the top-rated seller of body piercing kits anywhere.

Tongue Splitting: The Pros and Cons

08 8th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

If you think a split tongue looks great and are seriously considering doing it, you need to be aware of a few important things.  As you may already know tongue-splitting can be done in a few different ways; by using a taught string (over time – which is the safest procedure), by cutting (absolutely NOT recommended), or by a combination of  these methods.  The truth is that although if successful, tongue-splitting can be an interesting effect, it is extremely dangerous and not recommended.  Not only are the chances high that you could have a bleed out, nerve damage (paralysis), and/or encounter other infections or complications, it is not usually reversible, and if it can be reversed requires surgery.

Unlike the task of self-piercing (with a sterile body piercing kit), tongue-splitting is much, much more risky.  The photo shown is a case in point of some of the hazards of tongue splitting (known as tongue bifurcation) and is a very common result of this type of self-procedure.  We here at the Body Piercing News take the unanimous stand that this procedure is NOT recommended, under any circumstance, and should not be attempted by anyone.

What Your Body Piercer Should Know About You

07 22nd, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Body piercing has evolved into a mainstream form of self expression.  People of all ages are getting body piercings as often (or more often) than any other form of body art.  The average body art enthusiast often has more piercings than tattoos or any other form of personal adornment.  But with the increase in popularity of piercing, has also come a demand for qualified body artists that has led to an overabundance of people piercing that have no business doing so.  Many novice piercers believe incorrectly that just because they have multiple body piercings that they are qualified to pierce others.  This is an unfortunate and dangerous trend that is resulting in more instances of infections and injuries.

A professionally registered and trained body art technician knows the questions that need to be asked prior to a procedure.  Along with proper pre-procedure and post-piercing aftercare information, your piercer should be asking you most or all of the following questions: are you pregnant, do you take medication for seizures, are you prone to fainting, have you eating anything recently, are you on blood thinning medication or intoxicated, to name a few.  If you are getting a body piercing (or tattoo) and you are not being asked these questions, you should leave immediately.  Not only is your body artist putting you in danger by not asking you these questions, but probably cutting corners in other areas such as sterility of body piercing supplies or in other ways that can jeopardize you.  Remember, always ask to see your piercer’s county health department permit and current blood-borne pathogen certification before you get started.  You should never get a piercing from someone that makes you feel uneasy, or who is evasive when asked those questions.  A legitimate body artists will be glad to answer any question you have because he/she has nothing to hide.