If you think a split tongue looks great and are seriously considering doing it, you need to be aware of a few important things.  As you may already know tongue-splitting can be done in a few different ways; by using a taught string (over time – which is the safest procedure), by cutting (absolutely NOT recommended), or by a combination of  these methods.  The truth is that although if successful, tongue-splitting can be an interesting effect, it is extremely dangerous and not recommended.  Not only are the chances high that you could have a bleed out, nerve damage (paralysis), and/or encounter other infections or complications, it is not usually reversible, and if it can be reversed requires surgery.

Unlike the task of self-piercing (with a sterile body piercing kit), tongue-splitting is much, much more risky.  The photo shown is a case in point of some of the hazards of tongue splitting (known as tongue bifurcation) and is a very common result of this type of self-procedure.  We here at the Body Piercing News take the unanimous stand that this procedure is NOT recommended, under any circumstance, and should not be attempted by anyone.


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