Hitcher Piercing

In the never-ending competition to invent (or discover) new and unusual ways to pierce one’s body, we have noted a body piercing that is gaining notice, called the “Hitcher” (short for Hitch-Hicker).  “The first time I did one was when a customer came in for a tattoo and mentioned he had hitch-hiked his way to our shop”, reports Robin Ryan of Lancaster, California.  “We were running a special that included a free piercing with a tattoo and he said he wanted something that would be different”.

Robin not only performs the procedure at her busy shop in Southern California, but has a hitcher piercing of her own.  “It just made sense for him to have a piercing where it might be seen while hitch-hiking”.   This piercing may or may not lead to more success in getting rides from strangers, but we do know that (as with all surface piercings or all other body piercings) you should make sure proper sterilized body piercing supplies and tools are used and that you seek an experienced piercer to perform them.


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