Starter body piercing kits are offered by many sellers, but if you really pay attention to what included (and what is not included) you will find there are vast differences between kits.  Some companies that do not specialize in body art supplies offer piercing kits that are at best, converted Chinese ear piercing kits, or at worst, not piercing kits at all.  As a professional body artist your reputation and the safety and satisfaction of your customers depends upon the proper tools, materials and sterility of everything you use.  You must pay careful attention to everything that is included in the kit, as well as to the reputation and sterilization policies of the company offering the kit.

Another major consideration is the overall value of what you are buying.  Ask yourself the question: How many piercings will this kit allow me to do?  By dividing the cost of the kit by how many piercings you can do with it gives you a COST PER PIERCING value that will tell you the true gauge used for determining how good a deal it really is.  Out of the dozens of companies that offer such items, we found one company that consistently offered the lowest cost per piercing on it’s starter body piercing kits.  This company’s cost per piercing value was many times UNDER A DOLLAR A PIERCING on it’s larger starter/apprentice body piercing kits.  Also, they offer the option of including all pre-sterilized body jewelry in their larger starter body piercing kits, which alleviates the worries and labor involved in sterilizing the jewelry beforehand.


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