Body modification is one of the greatest ways to express yourself ever invented.  The incredible amount of styles of body jewelry available these days offers us almost unlimited possibilities.  Some of those possibilities in both tattooing and body piercing/stretching are illustrated with this photo of a woman often referred to as ‘kitty’ or the cat-lady.  This woman’s startling face does indeed resemble a cat, thanks to implants in her cheeks, lips, and forehead areas.  Also notice the use of multiple body piercings around her upper lip and lower cheeks areas to give the illusion of metal ‘whiskers’.  Tattooed in striped shades of black, blue and red, her feline facial creation is topped off with prosthetic teeth and contact lenses.

While this woman may be the sure winner of any Halloween costume contest, looking this way can have severe drawbacks the rest of the year.  For one, it must be difficult to hold a job in any kind of ‘straight’ industry where companies have strict dress codes.  Socially, someone like this who has gone so far out with their body piercing and body modifications must find a partner who will accept them and the choice they’ve made.  It is said that somewhere out in the world, everyone has someone that is right for them.  But what if this woman’s special someone is allergic to cats?  With that said, is she Cool or Fool?


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