You may or may not be aware of this but the body art industry is going through a sweeping change.  Long gone are the days where an artist went from working out of his house to opening a small shop with some flash on the walls and a few chairs.  The hard truth is, if you have a tattoo shop open for business anywhere, the health department inspectors are coming – and if you aren’t doing it right you will either be fined heavily or shut down completely.

In states all over the country laws are changing to protect consumers against dangerous practices that have for years been allowed to go unchecked.  In California, for instance, since the passage of AB-300 (2012) shops have been shut down all over the state for not being in compliance.  Many times, shops are fined for not properly sterilizing body jewelry or for not having sterile body piercing supplies.  If you are curious as to if the shop you are in is permitted by the county health department, ask to see the shop’s permit.  It should be prominently displayed on the wall for anyone to see.  If the shop you are in does not have one on the wall, and will not produce one upon request, run (don’t walk) out of there and find a safe, and legal shop to entrust your body art to.


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