Choosing the right supplier for body piercing kits and supplies can make the difference between a happy and successful piercing and a disaster, ending in infection.  Many novices new to body piercing are confused by the deceptive advertising done by auction sites like Ebay and who actually pay to push their wares onto unsuspecting consumers through search engines like Google and Bing.

The Body Piercing News has been scouring the world for reliable sources of professional grade and sterile (safe) body piercing kits and supplies and have never seen a respected and legit body piercing kit offered on ebay or that we would recommend using.  Remember, the vast majority of sellers on ebay are amateur people selling stuff from their garages and kitchens and who know nothing about body art or the standards that must be in place to guarantee the safety of you and your loved ones.  We have found the most reliable supplier of body piercing kits and supplies (click link) who is a leading company in the field and is the only company that actually guarantees sterility and posts their spore test results publicly.  For more information regarding body piercing techniques, supplies and trends check out the rest of the articles we post here and stay tuned 🙂


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