Let’s face it, when it comes right down to it, tattooing is pretty much a non-profession, and unregulated.  I say this because there is NO LICENSE requirements, nor any oversight whatsoever in regards to the level of experience, minimum knowledge or any other requisites necessary to becoming a tattoo artist.  You basically watch, or are taught (if you are an apprentice to another artist) how it’s done, buy yourself a tattoo kit, or some body piercing supplies and start tattooing.  That’s it.

But there are some people in the industry who forget the fact that tattooing is NOT regulated and that there is NO SUCH THING AS A TATTOO ‘LICENSE’ and will try to dissuade, thwart and outright lie to up and coming tattooists by telling them such things as they need a license to buy tattoo equipment (outright lie), or that they have no right to be learning the art at all and will put a label on them: SCRATCHERS.  The term ‘scratcher’ is the equivalent of the ‘n’ word in body art, it carries with it a very negative connotation that implies the person being called a scratcher is incompetent, ignorant or worse, dangerous to the welfare of the customer.  The truth is, ALL TATTOO ARTISTS started out the SAME WAY, knowing nothing and had to start out being….  scratchers.  The problem is, since there is not any licensing required to tattoo (all that is necessary is a permit from the county health department, which does not require proof of competency or any kind of knowledge requirement), everyone is therefore, technically, scratchers!  But the unsuccessful tat guys and girls that work in the over staffed shops that are failing now want to look down upon those that are tattooing independently out of their homes, and who may be busier than their retail location counterparts, and they want to judge them, blame them for their own failings and smear them with such ignorant terms.  If you are one of the ‘scratchers’ who like to judge new tattoo artists in such ways and are casting ignorance over an already image-challenged industry such as tattooing, shame on you!  It’s the fact that we live in a free country (where we are allowed to pursue our own versions of happiness) that makes us a great nation.  And the fact that there is competition out there is what makes us try harder and better ourselves all the time.  So if you can’t handle the fact that there are other people out there like you, with your interests, and your talent that wish to express themselves and make a living at it, you either need to leave this country, or shut your yap.

That’s all I got for now.


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