The conch piercing is a perforation of the cartilage of the ear, near the ear canal.  There are two types of conch piercings; an inner conch and outer conch piercing.  Inner conch piercings are usually performed with a needle of 14g or larger gauge size, or a dermal punch can be used to produce the hole needed.  The type of initial body jewelry worn is usually a straight titanium or stainless steel barbell.  After fully healed, the type of body jewelry worn in a conch piercing is either a captive bead ring, horseshoe barbell.  The conch piercing can also be stretched so that an ear let can be worn.

An outer conch piercing is performed on the outer ear cartilage of the outer ear flap (top part).  The piercing can be done on any part of the flat area of the ear cartilage.  If the piercing involves or touches part of the curved part of the ear cartilage, it is actually a ‘helix’ piercing.  This piercing is done with a 16g or larger size needle, as smaller than this can cause excessive irritation and/or elevated risk of being torn out.  Initial piercing jewelry for the outer conch is usually a curved barbell or large diameter Captive Bead Ring.  This piercing can also be stretched to accommodate larger body jewelry.  Keep in mind if you are considering any piercings of the ear cartilage that they are permanent, since the body cannot regenerate cartilage.  Healing time: 8 to 16 weeks.


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