Every now and again a client comes along you truly appreciate. A client that you feel totally at ease working with.  One that inspires even a most jaded piercer to rise to any challenge with gusto.  This rapport usually comes most easily to practitioners who are gifted with people skills of a ‘certain degree’, such that they carry on with most any human being as though they’ve been friends for years, even total strangers. I like to call these clients ‘Unicorns’. Rare, radiant, and a joy to be in the room with.  Those of us on the ‘supply’ end of body piercing know with certainty that there is a fundamental ‘reason’, conscious or subliminal, for having any piercing or other modification performed.  This reason ranges in profundity (wanting to have something special in common with a friend), all the way to being a pathway back to younger, or better days. For many piercers, fulfilling that need is the very reason they come to work every day.  Body piercing can be a difficult job, with days of “Yet another (body part) piercing…” that drearily dissolve into one after another.  Unicorns make all the difference in a piercer’s life.

Many clients I would call a Unicorn come to the studio clean, and have recently eaten a balanced meal; they know exactly what they want, and how they want it to look.  A Unicorn will listen intently to what their piercer is saying, and if they have questions will ask them when conversationally appropriate.  A Unicorn will comply with their piercer’s directions before, during, and after the procedure is complete.  Lastly, a Unicorn is willing to share their story with their piercer, many strange and beautiful revelations can happen in the chair, what will yours be?

Next you see your piercer, ask yourself this question: “How can I be this person’s Unicorn?”


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