Ear Stretching
Ear Stretching

The growing popularity of ear-stretching (for girls and boys) has created a problem for parents.  Since kids can begin stretching from any sized hole in their ears (a standard pierced ear can be stretched using tiny stretchers in increasing sizes), how far they go becomes a concern of parents.  It’s one thing to see a small stretcher in a child’s ears, but another sight altogether to see them sporting 00G or a 1/2 inch sized tunnel.

Similar to a parent trying to stop a child from getting pierced (or worse, piercing themselves), stretching becomes a problem because unless you are with the child constantly, there are always opportunities to stretch.  Rather than say no to stretching outright, it may be a better solution to be a part of the process, and if necessary, allowing your son or daughter to stretch, while agreeing to a pre-set limit on how far they can go.  Setting a limit on size (beyond 00G is irreversible) helps keep everything out in the open and most kids will see it as a compromise on your part as a parent, an honor the agreement.  Measuring the body jewelry they are wearing will encourage compliance with the limitations agreed upon (there are parents that have gauge calipers for this).  At least if you are a part of the process you can monitor it.  Make sure your child goes safe and slow (no more than one size every 3 weeks) and that they stay under 00G, so if/when they change their minds and take them out it is still reversible.


4 thoughts on “Parent Forum: Should I let my daughter stretch her ears?”
  1. I agree with this article, although there is some misinformation in it. If you stretch to 00g there is a good chance that your ears will NOT go completely back to normal (although it won’t look as bad as if you went to, say, 1 inch)
    As a rule, I would recommend only allowing your child to stretch to a 4G, as it’s a pretty safe bet that their ears will shrink back down from that size.
    Also, the article says to not allow them to stretch more often than one size every three weeks. Actually, you want to wait at least a bare minimum of a full month between stretches. This reduces the buildup of scar tissue and makes it easier for the hole to close up when your kid doesn’t want them anymore.

    Other than those inaccuracies, I’d say that this is a well-written article. Be open-minded with your kids, but don’t go overboard.

  2. There are different schools of thought on stretching, and the sizes one can go to that become points of ‘no return’. I have found that 00g is the point of no-return with 90% of my clients, with some variation within a size or so holding true for everyone. As far as the waiting period between gauging up, it also varies. Three weeks (or a month) as you suggest should work fine for most people. What’s more important than the time between stretches is the total size increase. Blow-outs and scar tissue occur more often when someone tries to increase more than one size at at time. This usually happens with guys who are impatient and want the ‘look’ right away. I have had clients come from other shops that gauged them too fast or too hard and they have had major problems.

    Thanks for your concise and valuable insight 🙂

  3. I believe that stretching is appropriate for a child but 00g is too big. As a child you are still growing and a 2g is the most I would anyone younger than me go. Plus, most younger people have a lower pain tolerance so you should longer than a month between stretches. Longer waiting times gives them a chance to decide if they really want to size up and become accustomed to larger earrings.

  4. No! I wont let my daughter do such thing. When my daughter was showing attitude and behavior of being defiant I immediately sent her to camp because I have heard stories that their children went bad because they were too relaxed and didn’t mind the unusual change. So to prevent that from happening I intervened as early as possible.

    I wont let them do things that will make them regret in the future.

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