It is now more ‘normal’ to have a body piercing, than not to have one.  Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, teacher or firefighter, chances are you have a pierced nose, eyebrow, navel, or at least an ear or two pierced.  What your choice of body piercings (and of course, what body jewelry you choose to wear) says about you is closely related to where your piercings are.  Generally, body piercings fall into two broad categories; those that you see and those you don’t.

If you have your nipples pierced or your naughty-bits pierced, these do not show and convey a hidden ‘wild’ side to your personality only your sexual partner knows.  The opposite of this is when you have visible piercings, such as stretched ears, nose piercings, or pierced lips.  With visible piercings, size makes the statement.  If your ears are stretched to 2 inches, your tongue barbell is 0 gauge, or your nostrils are pierced and stretched out to 3/4 of a inch, obviously, you are making a more rebellious statement than if you had standard sizes for those piercings.

Certain piercings, such as septum, surface piercings, or dermal implants can be strategically placed to illicit various themes.  As many of you are already aware, you can mix and match body jewelry to suit your mood, or the occasion.  No matter what type of piercings you have or what body jewelry you wear in them, the most important thing is to feel comfortable in your own skin, at all times.  If you love the body art choices you have made and are completely with who you are, others will ultimately accept you too.


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