There are growing concerns across the nation regarding the practice of performing micro-dermal implants (a.k.a. ‘dermals’).  Dermals have become increasingly popular in the last year despite high risks of rejection and migration.  The other problem with dermals is that unlike standard body piercings, they are permanent and must be removed surgically.  The other contributing factor to the dangers of dermals is that the vast majority of people performing this procedure are using improper procedure and/or tools to implant the anchor.

The proper tool for inserting a dermal anchor is a biopsy punch, which allows a precise ‘hole’ to be made for the anchor to be installed easily into the skin.  However, either to avoid the higher cost of dermals (as opposed to needles) or because of ignorance, many dermal implants are done with needles (where the hole is stretched and manipulated by the needle) or worse, scalpels.  There have been so many terrible problems with dermal implants that they have been outlawed in most states and now require a physician to do them.  If you are in a state where it is still legal to perform implants, make sure you are using the proper body piercing tools for the procedure.  And as always, seek a professionally trained and registered body artist for all your body piercings.


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