Body Piercing needles are a specific kind of hollow needle that is used to create the initial hole for body piercing.  These needles are hollow and feature an angled tip that is very sharp to insure the least amount of resistance from the tissue during a piercing.  Resistance is caused by and uneven or dull needle that is not sharp enough to puncture the tissue smoothly, creating a resistance from the skin as it tries to go through.  Some piercers use water-soluble lubricating jelly on the shaft of the needle to allow the needle to pass through with less resistance, and thus, less pain to the client.

Whichever way you pierce (with or without lube) what matters most is the sharpness of the needle.  If your needle is dull, or not sharpened to a fine point, it will cause discomfort to your client and take more effort to push through.  All needles should also be sterile and in individually packaged sterile containers that show they are sterile with color-changing indicators.  Make sure you purchase your body piercing needles from a respected supplier of body art supplies to insure they are specifically designed for body piercing use.


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