The popularity of body piercing has exploded and there is currently a shortage of professional body piercers in many areas.  A professional body piercer can easily make upwards of one hundred dollars per hour.  To get started on the path to your new career as a body piercer you will need to check with your local county health department for the rules and regulations regarding body piercing for your state and county.  Most states require that you complete blood borne pathogen training from an approved instructor and complete a series of Hepatitis B vaccinations.  The final step will be to register with the county you are going to be piercing in as a body art technician.

After you have completed the legal requirements, it will then be necessary to obtain the necessary professional piercing supplies that you will need to properly (and legally) body pierce.  These supplies can be easily purchased from a reputable seller, usually  in a kit form that is specifically designed for apprentice body piercers.  Look for a professional body piercing kit that includes pre-sterilized needles, sterile tools, and sterile body jewelry, as well as aftercare and instructional how-to video instructions.  Once you have your supplies in hand you are ready to begin your apprenticeship, which can last from 6 months to a year, depending upon your individual progress.


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