Horseshoe Barbells for Body Piercing

Body piercing jewelry is the first piece of jewelry inserted into a fresh piercing.  The jewelry used initially is usually made of titanium or 316L Surgical Stainless Steel and is left in until any swelling subsides.  Some people are hyper-sensitive and may have a reaction to metals.  For those individuals, it is recommended to go with PTFE  (Bioflex) jewelry that features a teflon shaft (metal-free) and plastic ball ends to hold it in place.  It is never advisable to put plated, gold, silver or any other kind of metal (other than titanium or surgical stainless steel) into a new piercing.  This is because the body will almost always reject these metals (which have high percentages of nickel and lead in them).  It’s better to wait until after the piercing heals, then it will be safe to begin wearing other styles of jewelry.


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