Disposable Forceps for Body Piercing
Disposable Sponge Forceps for Body Piercing

Essential to a safe and successful body piercing is proper body piercing tools.  Depending upon the piercing being performed, these tools include; sterile piercing needle, sterile body jewelry, sterile forceps (either autoclaved stainless steel or plastic disposable forceps), skin prep pads (benzalkonium chloride is best for this), a receiving tube or cork, and gloves.

Other items that are used in body piercing include; antibacterial lubricating jelly (applied to needle surface to keep needle from ‘grabbing’ skin as it goes through), skin-numbing pain pads, and skin markers (to mark the desired spot that is to be pierced).  All items should be kept in sterile condition prior to use and within easy reach of the piercing area.


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