Becoming a body piercer requires dedication to learning and perfecting the techniques necessary to pierce different areas of the body.  It also requires knowledge and experience using the proper tools and materials necessary for successful piercing.  The last step is to become registered with the Health Department in the county you are going to be piercing in.

It used to be the only way anyone learned to body pierce was through apprenticeship to another body piercer.  While this is still the recommended method, many body piercing apprentices are finding it difficult to find apprenticeships.  If you are also unable to find a piercer willing to mentor you, or you are unable to devote the months necessary (without pay), there are other options you can take.  You can also attend a body piercing ‘school’ (which costs between $2000 and $5000) where you will practice on silicone body parts (or each other), or you can purchase a complete business starter body piercing kit that includes all the tools, needles, body jewelry and information you will need to get started.  If you have the thousands of dollars to spend, going to a school may help you, but usually it leaves the students with a false sense of confidence and without the actual tools needed to pierce.  Also, if a school you want to attend (online courses included) promises to give you a ‘certificate’ that will that will open doors to you for employment or fulfill the Health Department requirements for your area, you are being misled.  That is why more and more self-motivated individuals are purchasing starter body piercing kits that include instructional videos and information on how to become certified in your area is the way to go.  You will still need to fulfill your county Health Departments requirements, but at least you will be up and running sooner and have those thousands of dollars you would have spent on a school to use for setting up your own shop.


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