Cheek Piercing

Although a cheek piercing looks very fashionable and may actually ‘create’ dimples (where there weren’t any before), these piercings can be quite problematic.  Not only do cheek piercings piercings leave permanent scars, but they have exceptionally high healing times (up to 10 months).

Another major problem can present itself immediately upon piercing, and that comes from the chance of rupturing a saliva gland.  Since there is no way to know where these glands are (like veins under the tongue) you always have a chance the needle will hit one.  If a saliva gland is pierced, it will create a constant leak of saliva – looking as if you were ‘crying’ from your cheek.  Other problems involve the build-up of lymphatic fluids in the cheek tissue that create small ‘lumps’ around the piercing (even after they are healed) that must be drained.  Because of these complications and high maintenance involved for this body piercing, many piercers refuse to do them.  If you choose to get your cheeks pierced, make sure you have really thought it through first.  If you decide to go ahead with it, find a body piercer that has experience doing them, or better yet, has cheek piercings of their own.


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