You may be an avid devotee to piercing, with your navel, nose, eyebrows and tongue already pierced.  You may have even done all of those piercings yourself and have wondered if you have what it takes to become a professional piercer.  Although the idea of becoming a piercer appeals to many, the actual technical and legal requirements are mostly unknown.

To become a competent professional body piercer you must have two things; the right tools and body piercing supplies, and the right training.  Also, once you have fulfilled the first requirements, you will need to become permitted as a body art technician with the health department of the county you will be working in.  You can either apprentice yourself to a piercer (the preferred way) or be self-taught.  Either way you will need to purchase a starter body piercing kit and learn how to pierce competently before going into business for yourself.  You can find quality starter body piercing kits with instructional streaming how-to videos and assistance by clicking on the link provided in this paragraph.


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