For a novice or apprentice piercer, choosing the right body piercing kit can be difficult and confusing.  Many companies that have no business offering body piercing kits are out there, and if you end up with one of these inferior kits it could cost you (or your client) dearly.  Capitalizing on the home piercing craze, many companies think that throwing the basic items needed for piercing into a bag and selling it online will make their bottom line improve.  What they are really doing selling these dirty (non-sterilized) piercing kits is not only morally wrong, but dangerous to you.

If you are looking for quality body piercing tools, equipment or need a sterile body piercing kit for a single (or multiple) body piercings, make sure the kit you purchase is offered by a company that knows body piercing.  You will know you have found such a company when the body piercing kits include sterile body jewelry.  We found a company that was founded by master body piercers, and publicly posts their sterilization equipment spore test results.  To order a quality and guaranteed sterile body piercing kit from this company, click on the link provided in this sentence.


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