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There may have been people selling body piercing kits longer, or companies claiming to be the ‘original’ seller of such supplies, but our research here at the Body Piercing News found that only ONE company sells professional-grade body piercing kits and supplies at a reasonable price and has been doing it for years.

Whether you need body piercing kits or supplies, sterile body jewelry or sterilization equipment or skin preparation, we recommend the best in body piercing kits and supplies. If you know of any other companies that compare in quality and price to this company’s we welcome your input. Happy piercing!


09 21st, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

Starter body piercing kits are offered by many sellers, but if you really pay attention to what included (and what is not included) you will find there are vast differences between kits.  Some companies that do not specialize in body art supplies offer piercing kits that are at best, converted Chinese ear piercing kits, or at worst, not piercing kits at all.  As a professional body artist your reputation and the safety and satisfaction of your customers depends upon the proper tools, materials and sterility of everything you use.  You must pay careful attention to everything that is included in the kit, as well as to the reputation and sterilization policies of the company offering the kit.

Another major consideration is the overall value of what you are buying.  Ask yourself the question: How many piercings will this kit allow me to do?  By dividing the cost of the kit by how many piercings you can do with it gives you a COST PER PIERCING value that will tell you the true gauge used for determining how good a deal it really is.  Out of the dozens of companies that offer such items, we found one company that consistently offered the lowest cost per piercing on it’s starter body piercing kits.  This company’s cost per piercing value was many times UNDER A DOLLAR A PIERCING on it’s larger starter/apprentice body piercing kits.  Also, they offer the option of including all pre-sterilized body jewelry in their larger starter body piercing kits, which alleviates the worries and labor involved in sterilizing the jewelry beforehand.

Why Body Pierce at Home?

08 22nd, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

Sterile Body Piercing Kit













Many people are choosing to pierce themselves rather than pay for a professional to do it at a tattoo or piercing shop.  The reasons for this are primarily economic (to save money) or personal (intimate areas that require piercing).

We ALWAYS recommend you seek a professional body piercer for your piercings which is safer and surer than doing it yourself, but if you choose to pierce at home make sure you purchase a body piercing kit that includes safe and sterile tools, needles and body jewelry from a respected seller.  We found such a seller of body piercing kits that offers professional-grade and sterile body piercing kits for professional and home use.

In a glaring example of what can go wrong on any given day in the body art business, this seller of body jewelry in Palmdale, Ca. had the unpleasant experience of seeing a car smash it’s way through the front of their store on Saturday April 28th.

Although this store is not exactly known for customer satisfaction, what happened here is a bit over the line.  Thankfully, no one was injured, including the large parrot that is always present inside the store.  When it comes to purchasing body jewelry or body art supplies, make sure the company you are dealing with puts your satisfaction first like this seller of body piercing supplies and kits that we found online.  It also helps if the supplier you choose does not allow animals near the products they offer.  Hopefully, after this incident, these people learned something from this and will treat their customers with respect and appreciation.

Wrist Piercing Video

04 16th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

This video illustrates the technique used to piercing a wrist.  The wrist piercing is a type of surface piercing and has high chance of rejection and migration due to it’s proximity to the hands.  Although the name ‘wrist piercing ‘ implies it would be located on the wrist, this surface piercing is actually located about a third of the way up the exterior surface of the  forearm between the wrist and the elbow indentation.

Some enthusiasts may wish to purchase a body piercing kit and do this piercing at home themselves.  However, due to the importance of positioning and the sensitivity of the tissue involved, it is strongly recommended that the devotee seek the services of an experienced body piercer instead.  Please note, this video is not for the squeamish.  Happy piercing!

For some, the only obstacle keeping them from getting a body piercing is the pain they imagine that comes with the process.  True, there is always a certain amount of pain felt in almost all body piercings, there are ways that one can ‘minimize’ or reduce it.

One way NOT to do this is drinking alcohol beforehand – alcohol thins the blood and can cause bleed-outs or feinting.  Some people have found that taking Tylenol (acetaminophine) before a body piercing can reduce the pain felt.  (Note: do NOT take Aspirin, as this (like alcohol) will thin the blood and you will be exposing your client to greater risk of injury or bleeding.)

When it comes to numbing sprays or gels, we cannot endorse fully the use of these producdts as their effectiveness seems to differ from individual to individual.  Lastly, the use of sharp piercing needles reduces the pain felt during a piercing.  You can find ultra-sharp needles, supplies and body piercing kits and this fine online seller of body piercing kits and supplies.

How Much Should You Pay for a Body Piercing?

04 8th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

Depending on many factors, the cost of getting a professional body piercing varies.  In some parts of the nation, a single body piercing can go as high as $80.00, and not even include the jewelry.  In major cities (where there are many shops competing against each other) the cost can go as low as $20.00.

Whether you decide to have your body piercing done professionally, or you decide to do it yourself at home with a sterile body piercing kit – make sure you are using safe, and sterile needles, tools and body jewelry.  If you aren’t sure if the body jewelry being used for your piercing is not sterilized, ask.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry 🙂

Body Piercing Kits Resources

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Sterile Body Piercing Kit

If you are wondering if body piercing kits bought online differ, the answer is YES.  Depending on where you look, you will find a wide range of kits offered, and unfortunately, most are NOT up to health department standards.

Out of all the suppliers of body art, we found only one company that offered safe, and sterile body piercing kits that include instructional videos and printable aftercare guidelines.  And only this company cares enough to include pre-sterilized body jewelry in their body piercing kits for no extra charge, and ships free without an order minimum.  Simply click on the link here for body piercing kits for more information.

Is Your Health Department Cracking Down?

03 16th, 2012 Author: justhurtabit

Across America, health departments all over are cracking down on renegade tattoo parlors and piercers for not adhering to county and state hygiene standards.  If your shop has been recently visited (or cited) by your local health department for violating codes, you are not alone.

One of the recommendations being made by many county health departments is to use sterile, one-time (disposable) forceps, pre-sterilized body jewelry and needles.  Rather than the time and cost of purchasing an autoclave (not to mention the time and work needed to pouch and cycle items) you can purchase online guaranteed sterile body piercing supplies and body jewelry from respected online suppliers and avoid fines, scrutiny or worse.   Be safe, sure and NEVER take chances with your client’s safety and well-being!

In this tough economy, the competition for the available jobs is fierce.  No longer is it enough to have the requisite education or experience for the position – now employers are asking for credit histories and combing the social networking sites to get a gauge on prospects.

Although tattoos and body piercings have been accepted by mainstream society, in some cases, they can prevent you from being hired into certain types of work.  The food industry, for example has many regulations regarding facial jewelry and many employers will either demand removal of body jewelry or just pass over applicants that have facial tats or piercings.  Facial tattoos impose a different type of scrutiny from piercings as many conservative managers and business owners may assume you have a criminal background or affiliation.  The benefit of body piercings is that they they can always be removed and will usually heal back up.  Even so, if you are currently out in the job market it may be a good idea to put off getting that facial tattoo or buying that body piercing kit until after you have talked it over with a new boss.  Of course, you could always get that tattoo or piercing in a place where it doesn’t show 🙂