Sterile Body Jewelry

As a professional body piercer, you know that using the correct tools is critical to your success as a body artist.  Not only do you have to make sure to use the proper tool specifically designed for any given piercing, but you must also use sterile body jewelry and needles to safeguard your clientele against infection or injury.

Wading through the many suppliers of such products that are online, you will find that very few actually offer sterile body jewelry.  Of those few, there is a vast difference in quality and price.  Remember, Health Departments across the nation are recommending that body artists use pre-sterilized and disposable tools and body jewelry, instead of shops using their own autoclaves, to avoid problems with malfunctioning equipment and spore testing failures.  Not only does using disposable and pre-sterilized body jewelry save you the cost of an autoclave, but it saves you the time of pouching everything yourself, as well as the expense of regular spore testing.  We found one respectable piercing supplies company that not only offers the best pricing on sterile body jewelry but actually posts their current spore test results.  Remember, taking chances with your piercing supplies is risking your reputation and the safety of your customers!


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