Body piercing involves the perfection of a technique by a body artist over time until the process is mastered.  Although techniques for piercing each part of the body can be perfected, the results are not always perfect, since a ‘perfect’ piercing is in the mind of the client.

It may be that the level of pain felt by the client was more than they had expected.  Or, once, healed, the client may not like the final alignment of the piercing in respect to the position the body jewelry lies.  The problem could also be that the final position of a multiple facial or nipple piercing is asymmetrical.  Whatever the cause may be of your dissatisfaction regarding a body piercing, you have two choices; either accept your new piercings as they are, or re-pierce.  It’s up to you.  Just keep in mind that if the reason you have for wanting a re-piercing is purely subjective, and not the fault of your piercer, you may (and should be) re-charged for the piercing.  Not only will you endure the original pain (and possibly more if the position of the new piercing(s) are near the original area(s) that were pierced), but the final result may not be any better (or different) than the first time around.  Then again, for us body piercing perfectionists in the world, it’s still worth getting it right even if it takes a few tries…


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