A body piercing kit should always include the correct needles, tools, skin preparation materials and body jewelry needed to perform any given piercing.  Some kits are sold as single piercing kits and have only enough materials to do a single piercing, while other kits have enough needles, jewelry and supplies to perform multiple piercings.

A general rule of thumb is not to buy more piercings than you need.  Not only is it extra money to over buy on piercing supplies, but sterilized items should be used within the suggested time (according to their sterilization dates which should be stamped on the sterile pouch itself).  The most important thing to make sure of is that the body piercing kit you buy includes STERILE BODY JEWELRY that comes in a dated, sterile pouch.  If you are not sure if the kit you are buying includes pre-sterilized body jewelry, ask the seller, or find a kit that does.  Don’t risk injury to yourself or your clients by using dirty body jewelry.


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