Sterile Body Piercing Kit

When it comes to choosing the right supplier for body piercing kits and supplies, the most important consideration is this: Is it sterile?  You may assume that the companies that offer body piercing kits all provide  the same quality materials in their kits and that they are all sterilized to health department standards.  This could not be further from the truth.

Professional body art technicians that contribute to the Body Piercing News were asked to look at the different companies offering body piercing kits and supplies and found that the vast majority do NOT include sterile body jewelry in their kits!  Kits that do not offer pre-sterilized body jewelry were prevalent on auction sites (such as ebay and, as well as on independent web sites.  These kits should be avoided at all cost!  Using un-sterile (dirty) body jewelry inside a fresh piercing will lead to at best, delayed healing times, and at worst, infection, injury or even death.  Make sure the body piercing kit you choose has sterile body jewelry included.  If you are not sure if the body jewelry offered is sterilized or not, ask before you buy.


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