Sterile Body Piercing Kit

Self piercing, or home piercing is a growing trend that may or may not be a good thing for those that engage in it.  We here at the always encourage you to seek the services of a professionally trained and licensed body piercer, but we also understand that there are times when doing it yourself is preferable.

In the case of genital or nipple piercings, many people elect to do it themselves to avoid the discomfort of having a stranger do it.  Most of the time, self piercing can be a way to avoid the awkwardess and high cost of having a professional do it, but you need to be very careful.  If you are going to self pierce (or have a loved one or friend help you) you will need a sterile body piercing kit.  Find a kit that has the correct body jewelry, tools and prep for the type of body piercing you are doing, as well as includes instruction (either written or streaming video) to assist you.  Most importantly, make sure the body piercing kit you purchase has sterile body jewelry!  You will know if it includes sterilized body jewelry because they will be packaged in light blue color-changing sterile pouches, and usually the company will clearly state that the body jewelry is sterilized.  If the description of the kit does not clearly state the body jewelry is sterile, it is not.  If you are unclear, contact the company and ask if the body jewelry is sterile.  Remember, using body piercing kits that do not include sterile body jewelry is asking for an infection, or worse, to happen.


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