Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercing has become one of the most popular types of body piercings performed in the United States.  This type of body piercing is also one of the few piercings that can successfully be hidden when desired, through the use of a retainer.  A retainer is a clear, pliable piece of body jewelry that is worn to tone-down or conceal a body piercing.

Ironically, although most people expect a tongue piercing to be extremely painful, it is in fact one of the least painful body piercings you can get.  This is because in the center of the tongue there are fewer nerve endings than in other parts of the body.  Most people that have their tongues pierced say that they felt the pressure of the forceps more than the actual needle going through.  If you have been putting off getting your tongue pierced because you think it will be too painful, think again and consult your body piercer about it.  You may find that your worry and resistance to getting it done were all for nothing.


One thought on “Is the Tongue the least painful body piercing?”
  1. Many Clients that get their tongue pierced (In the traditional Central-placement.) Describe the experience as less painful than biting their tongue!

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