Professional body piercers know when it comes to using the proper tools and piercing supplies, using the right piece of equipment can make or break the success of a body piercing.  Finding a company that sells top quality tools and accessories at reasonable prices is crucial in today’s economy and provides you with the competitive edge to keep your liability and costs down throughout the year.

Receiving tubes are used to pierce various areas of the body and act to guide or ‘catch’ the needle as it exits the skin during a body piercing.  Receiving tubes are made of either plastic, metal (usually stainless steel as shown in photo) or Pyrex glass.  Tubes made of steel and glass are the usual choice of professionals, although steel tubes are more popular due to their durability.  The main problem with Pyrex glass is that if dropped, it will break.  Make sure you find a reputable source to purchase your body piercing supplies from that offers quality tools and accessories and who stands behind their products with a replacement guarantee for defective merchandise.


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