No matter what kind of body jewelry you have had recently put in (by your piercer), it is necessary to observe a few important things when going to change out the initial piece into a more stylish one.  The first thing to do is to properly disinfect the new piece of jewelry with either a benzalkonium chloride pad or other anti-bacterial cleaner you have available.  While cleaning this piece, make sure to thoroughly clean and wash your hands.

Make sure that the initial body piercing jewelry you had put in during your body piercing is able to move freely and that there is no swelling or signs of infection in the surrounding skin.  If everything looks good, carefully remove the initial piece and fit the new piece into place.  If the new body jewelry does not slide into place easily make sure you do not force it through.  If you are unable to easily make the transition it may be necessary to stop by your body piercer’s shop and have him/her assist you.  Most piercers will gladly help you change out your body jewelry and will welcome the opportunity to inspect the area to insure the healing process is moving along properly.


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