The bridge piercing is a surface body piercing that is done through the center of the skin at the bridge of the nose.  This piercing should be centered between the eyes on the bridge area of the nose.  This type of piercing is also referred to as an ‘Erl’ or ‘Earl’, named after the person first credited for having one performed, Erl Van Aken.  (A variation of this piercing is when it is done in a vertical fashion.)

Since a bridge piercing is a type of surface piercing, it carries the same risks of migration and rejection inherent to all surface piercings.  Initially, these piercings use straight or curved barbells.  Once healed (which takes approximately 8 to 10 weeks, or up to 3 months), a captive bead ring or D-ring can be worn comfortably.  Despite myths that bridge piercings can lead to brain infections or eye problems, a bridge piercing does affect the eyes or brain.  With the right body jewelry, this type of body piercing will look great and will draw attention to the eyes of the wearer.


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