The question of whether to tip your body piercer or not is really a matter of personal choice.  Do you tip your hair-dresser?  How about your waitress?  In the world of personal service professionals, tipping is a direct form of appreciation shown by you, the customer.

A good body piercer has refined his or her technique to the point that it has become smooth and quick, with minimal pain or discomfort.  Along with superior piercing, your piercer may offer additional touches that may include aftercare materials (like sea salt packets) or free body jewelry.  So if you are truly happy with how your new body piercing turned out, go ahead and give a tip.  Not only will your piercer appreciate it, but it will set the tone for the next piercing you get, and may weigh heavily later on (like when you need to be ‘squeezed’ into a busy schedule).  Like everyone else, your body piercer needs to hear they are doing a good job, and a tip is one of the best ways to say it!


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