Using the correct body piercing tools and supplies is crucial to the success of any body piercing.  Finding a dependable source for your body piercing supplies can be a daunting task among the many choices available to piercers.  Body piercing requires that the needles and body jewelry you use be sterilized up to the highest standards, as well as the various forceps, receiving tubes and other items necessary to perform a piercing.

When choosing a source to purchase your body piercing supplies from make sure the company is a respected one and that they adhere to strict safety standards.  Also inquire about their return policy and if they stand behind their products with a satisfaction guarantee.  Lastly, find a company that publicly posts their spore test results on their autoclave equipment so you know without a doubt that what you are getting is the safest possible choice for you and your clients.  We found only one such company that fits all the above criteria that carries professional-grade body piercing kits and  body piercing supplies (click on link) and who also offers true free shipping on all products within the USA.


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