Professional Sterile Body Piercing Kit

Piercing yourself can either be a money-saving task or a nightmarish experience.  Depending upon the type of body piercing you are wishing to carry out on your body, and the experience the piercing requires will determine your chances for success or failure.  Although it is always recommended that you consult the services of a professional body piercer, self-piercing, when done properly and with the proper body piercing supplies, can be simple and successful.

Some piercings should never be attempted because of their difficulty.  Piercings that lend themselves to piercing yourself are; navel, eyebrow, nose, septum, lip and even tongue piercings.  When at all possible, you should always have a professional body piercer do your piercings.  If you are determined to pierce yourself, make sure you have researched the technique required for the piercing you are going to do, and purchase a sterile body piercing kit that includes the proper tools, needles, skin preparation and of course, the most crucial factor of all, sterile body jewelry.


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