A web piercing (also known as a tongue frenulum piercing) is a body piercing that is done underneath the tongue, through the frenulum (frenulum linguae).  Although a relatively simple body piercing to perform, a web piercing has a higher chance of rejection than other facial piercings.  For some people, web piercings are not anatomically feasible.  Aftercare is comparable to a tongue piercing, with expected healing times of 2 to 8 weeks.  During your healing period, make sure you do not engage in oral sex or smoking, and make sure you frequently rinse your mouth with a diluted solution of mouthwash and water after meals.

If you are thinking about getting a web piercing, it is best to make sure you have the proper tools and jewelry for this procedure.  The proper materials can easily be found in a quality body piercing kit.  However, due to the difficult location of this piercing, it is not advisable to perform a web piercing on yourself.  Consult a professional certified body piercer to see if you are able to get a web piercing, and if you can, make sure a certified and experienced body piercer does the job.


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