Is This Pokee?

If you’ve been body piercing for a while, you’re probably like me – been there, done that.  I’ve seen (and heard) just about everything possible from customers and I’m here to share my wealth of unfortunate experiences with you.  The most important thing I can start with is this;  make sure your house is in order, that means have your documentation up to date (blood-borne pathogen training, spore test results (if you have an autoclave) and your county Health Department registration certificate) available if  needed.  More and more health departments are cracking down and word has it that a surprising number of shops are not in compliance…

Anyways back to the subject (sorry, I tend to drift a bit sometimes…  probably all those paint fumes I inhaled back in the day…) okay, when you get a customer who seems nervous, or not quite sure they want to get pierced, do not pressure them into getting it done.  If you do, and something goes wrong (like they’re a bleeder, fainter or God knows what..) they will wake up off the floor and have you to blame.  When it comes to getting pierced, make sure your customer is ready and be sure to explain what is involved – even show them the needle and tools you’re going to use.  If you can’t the customer to calmed down, do the right thing for everybody, and turn them away.  I’ve had to turn grown men away that were tatted up to their eyeballs who kept asking me how much it was going to hurt.  Are you kidding me?  These dudes spent weeks under the gun and now they’re afraid of a piercing?  Hearing that kind of cowardice makes me wanna gnaw off my balls and chuck ’em in a lake!  Take if from me, if there’s any doubt or fear in the customer, turn them away.  You’ll both be glad you did.

That’s all I got for now,


(To be continued… if I can get back in here)


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