Belly piercing is one of the simplest body piercings to perform, as long as you have the proper tools and sterile body jewelry.  There are two schools of thought as to the position you should be in when having your navel pierced.  Many body piercers prefer their clients to lie down flat on their backs, while others prefer to have them stand.  You can successfully pierce a navel in either position, but standing is preferred to lying down since the skin does change position somewhat when you lie down, and what you want is a perfectly centered piercing while standing.

If you are overweight, or your body weight fluctuates drastically, you may want to re-consider a navel piercing until your weight stabilizes.  This is not to say that only bone-thin people should have one, it’s just common knowledge that weight affects the position and appearance of the piercing.  Also, if you are planning on having a child, it would be much better to wait until after you deliver before getting your belly pierced.  For more information on proper aftercare guidelines or to purchase body piercing supplies or a body piercing kit, click on the link provided in this article.


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