For man people getting a tattoo or body piercing used to involve going into a bad part of town, getting drunk and getting through a painful process and hoping for the best.  But there is a new breed of tattooists and body piercers, know as ‘body art technicians’ who are professionally trained and registered with their local health departments, thanks to movements in many states to regulate what had been before the unregulated free-for-all known as body art.

In California, for example, since the passage of AB 300, many new regulations have been enacted regarding safety provisions that had been mostly neglected by the average tattoo shop.  Before AB 300, artists were not required to provide any kind of personal information to a governing authority and shop owners were not accountable to safety standards of sterility and shop hygiene.  Now, uniform standards are in place for all shops in states that have adopted such measures, and not being in compliance can cost a shop it’s business license.  If you own a shop or are a body art technician and looking for professional grade sterile body jewelry and other body piercing supplies click on the link provided.


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