There are always going to be people that crave attention.  You know the types, whatever was ‘in’ at the time they hated, whatever was ‘out’ of style, they were into.  This photo is a perfect example.  Maybe this guy is hoping to land his dream job at Benihana’s or maybe he’s in negotiations for a sponsorship from A-1 Steak Sauce. Either way, this is the LAST thing a parent wants to see staring back at me from the opposite side of the dinner table.

To be technical here, this appears to be more extreme of a body piercing and body modification, than it actually is.  While his nostrils have ‘only’ been stretched out an inch or so, what he has done to his ears is far more extreme and painful.  Sporting what looks to be four to five inch tunnels on his lobes and top cartilage stretching of about an inch, this guy’s ears will never be the same.  What do you think:  Cool or Fool?


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